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Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday, August 20, 2011

It's been a super fun week so far, I have gotten Jamaica gelded on Monday, and he is doing awesome.  And I been riding pretty much every day.  Tuesday and Wednesday we went on trail rides, and Wednesday Dinero had to go out twice cause I rode with Char when she rode both her horses, he wasn't sure what was up with that. 

And yesterday we went to the neighbors and rode in her outdoor arena.  We were planning on riding inside but she had buffalo's in and the outdoor has such nice ground and is bigger so outdoors it was.  It was really hard for Dinero to concentrate with so much going on, but he did really good.  There is a road right beside it and trucks drove by, then a quad, then another quad spraying the weeds, and more riders, so much to try to ignore for him.  But no more scary than the helicopter that flew over us on Wednesday.  That was weird.

And this morning there was supposed to be someone to come and try out Dinero, but her husband had ended up buying her a horse (not what she wanted but she is gonna keep it for a while)  I don't know why husbands have to do that, a horse is really a personal preference, he might as well see what she wants and then buy it for her.  Sometimes I just wanna stay home and not talk to anyone!  So frustrating.  No wonder I haven't sold a horse to a stranger, they all back out at the last minute. And I try not to let it judge the way I treat other people, but I am mighty suspicious of anyone who wants to buy now.

Other than riding, I haven't gotten a lot done this week, which is alright, and tonight I am going scrap booking and tomorrow is a wedding which will be a ton of fun :)  Although I have been playing out in the garden and watching flowers bloom.  I also tried to pick some chokecherries cause my neighbor said no one makes chokecherry syrup anymore, so I thought I might but they are not quite ready yet.  But when they are, there will be a lot!

(These Pretty pink Lillies are from my Mommy's garden.)


fernvalley01 said...

the flowers are gorgeous.ANd thank goodness my hubby has never tried to buy me a horse without talkin g with me first , I can't see it cgoing well. And the same for me picking one for him.I did choose Jewels for him, but only as far as that he still had to decide to take her

Country Gal said...

Lovely flowers ! WOW ! sounds like you have been busy but in a good way ! Have a wonderful weekend !

Linda said...

You've been busy.........hope you find a buyer for Dinero....or I'm going to have to come and give him a try;)

Shirley said...

There must be a good reason the they didn't come buy Dinero. Maybe because Linda should try him! That would be win-win if he worked out for her.
We have a wedding to go to today too, should be fun.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Crystal, you'll get them sold.......must be a wedding weekend, my mom's in Reno for a wedding, I baby setting her sheep.....you have a fun weekend to go with your fun week...

Corinna said...

flaky people are SO frustrating, especially when they lead you on and then bail at the last moment. I guess all we can do is 1. vent on our blogs and 2. make a commitment to never be a flake! :)

a good ride and some work in the garden should be an excellent outlet!

happy summer!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Lovely Lillies!
Never heard of chokecherries or their syrup. Are they sweet or sour?