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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sand Castles and Wild Rice

Every time I go to Jardis to ride, I pass by this one hoodoo that reminds me of a sandcastle, so finally I stopped the other night and got a picture of it.

While I was there I got looking around at other formations and some of them look like caves

And others look like they have the platform on top

It was just kinda neat to stop and have a look at them cause I drive by so many times and never really look.

I also seen these pretty pink flowers growing in the sloughs and one time I asked Jardi what they were and she told me wild rice.  I thought it was kinda weird, so I stopped to get a closer look.

They are really neat, they grow underwater that's not too deep and the roots are hardly in the ground and all the plants seem connected.

I picked one and took it home thinking it might ripen, but when I took one pink piece off inside was a dark kernel, maybe its ripe already.

It was cool to think we grow wild rice in the dry prairies though.  I don't know if any of this is fact, Just observation.


Shirley said...

The wild rice is rather interesting; who knew it grows on the prairies?
Do you ever find fossils around the hoodoos?

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Isn't it neat to just stop and take a good long look at things we drive by regularly?

Pretty pictures.

Been meaning to get over here and tell you Thank You for the stapler. It's really cute! Was meaning to take a picture and do a post, but all I ever seem to end up talking about is that dumb, 'ole barrel horse of mine. LOL

Prairie Ridge Performance Horses said...

Those old Hoodoo's look very familiar, (but then they all do after a while) bring back MANY fond memories of friends at Trochu, and many hours spent in the saddle there!!!
Thank you for that!!

Prairie Ridge Performance Horses said...

And YES, Shirley, I DO have some fossilized Dino bone fragments from there!!

fernvalley01 said...

I really like to look att the cool formations in that area . Hoodoos i always forget that

Linda said...

That pink stuff is called water smartweed.....but maybe you can eat the seed.