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Monday, November 19, 2012

Farrier Day Again

Today was farrier day at my house.  He was coming at 2:30 so at 1:30 I went out to get the ponies.  The weather was above zero but there was a wind.  Of course the wind was coming from towards me so the horses never heard me till I was really close even though I was calling them.  Finally they all seen me and I was only about 50 feet away.  They were surprised and I didn't think they were gonna come, which would suck cause I never brought out any halters, but again I underestimated my Bailey girl, she comes galloping over and leads the rest up too :)

(I was being watched)
I get them in the corral and go to get some halters and see Jason!  I had to ask him if he was early and was lucky he said yes, whew, I didn't think I was that behind.  I caught Jessie, Kali and Bailey and led them out and we did them first then he said he had more time so I got George, Razz and Disco.  I didn't know how much time he had cause when he phoned back he talked to Neil and Neil never asked all the questions, just the time.  But he said he had time so they got done too.

I turned out everyone except Jessie and Kali they stayed in the corral and they didn't even notice the others leaving, just got sidetracked by sticking their head in the bale.  The place we want to board is putting in new fences with pipe poles and their pen is not done yet :(  I sure hope its soon or I might have to start hauling somewhere to ride, way to slippery here at home, specially with Jessie and her shoes.

Then afterwards I cleaned my brushes cause they were so grimy I didn't even want to touch them, I am liking the way they come out, almost looks like new.


Cheyenne said...

Are you going to move some horses? Or just sending them away to other stables?

Crystal said...

Cheyenne, I am just gonna board there this winter so I can ride inside.

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a good day! wow those brushes do come up nice

lisa said...

I am usually at school when the farrier comes, he is just great, but this last time didn't leave me all too happy, Annie was hobbling pretty bad after he came. She is just starting to walk better now.

Shirley said...

A productive day. Dawn is the best for cleaning!