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Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend in Great Falls

On Friday we headed down to Great falls.  Neil had ordered a gas heater for his stock waterer and we wanted to go shopping as well.  My Mom and Clint and Heidi and Liz also went along.
(The dam my Mom took, I dunno how she made it look black and white tho)

We left after lunch Friday and stopped in Lethbridge for supper and then kept on trucking.  It was later when we got there so we got a hotel and headed to bed to be up bright and early for shopping.
(the cool Zebra head in Scheels)

 (never seen a hereford buffalo before)

The first stop was Big R where most of Neils stuff was at, as well as a lot of mine.  I got some pretty cool stuff too :)  I knew going in I had a list of things I wanted and so I knew where I wanted to go and got almost everything I wanted.
(Was quite suprised to see they are making colored jeans again)

We went to the mall and Hoglands and Western Ranch Supply and Walmart and finally about 1:30 am we were pooped so went back to hotel to bed ready for Sunday.
 (bought a couple rubbermaids to fill cause much easier to bring home, filled with 
groceries, my mattress cover and runners!)

 (My new purse and matching wallet)

 (really cool cheetah footy jammies)

 (Jeans, lined jeans, show shirt and long sleeve shirt)

(and some horsey stuff too, cinch, treats, wormer, tubs, laser sheen)

We were a little lazier getting up Sunday but still got to most stores we wanted and then after lunch we headed back and got home around 7.  It was a good trip, but I sure coulda used another day of which I will get later cause Neils heater wasnt it cause the guy he ordered it from got fired before he ordered it, so he ordered it somewhere else and we are gonna go back for a quick trip again when its in.  I am glad cause I really wanted a pair of boots, but nothin was on sale that I liked, so maybe next time I can find some.


gowestferalwoman said...

Girlfriend - I Looooove what you bought! bling, color and treats - thats a successful shopping trip :D

Smart idea on the tubs - we have always used tubs to transport groceries, items etc. because we have to drive on red gravel roads to get out anywhere - the shortest one is only 16 miles...lol if we didnt use tubs, we'd be eating red dust for supper lol!

Cindy Durham said...

I have that exact same purse only mine is darker. But I love it! It is durable and flashy all at the same time!

Country Gal said...

Great hall on the shopping ! I do like that purse and wallet ! Have a good day !

Marissa said...

I love the purse!! I have a similar one, every year I go to the Draft Horse Festival and treat myself to a new purse, I love flashy blingy purses without them being overdone, yours is perfect!

Janice said...

Sounds like a whirlwind of shopping. Nice haul:)

lisa said...

I love the wallet and purse! Sounds like you had a shop till you drop day ;)

5 Starr's Farm said...

Love the purse and wallet, that was one shopping marathon......

Shirley said...

You did get some nice things that purse and wallet I bought at the Supreme last year are worn out, time for a new one for me too!
I like coloured jeans, I used to buy grey and plum coloured ones. The lined ones are perfect for winter riding.

Cheyenne said...

Yeah! I love the Big R! so lucky that you got to go down--and even luckier you are heading back.