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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Ponies and Riding

OK got a few days to catch up on again, don't know why I been so behind I swear its only been a couple days since I posted last.  Well I did ride outside and it was kinda nice out.  We rode to the hay corral but the gate was closed the way we always go in the summer cause there are cows out there and we don't want them in the the yard but Jessie really wanted to go that way so we did. til the gate.  She just stood there staring at it like it would open for her, lol.  Well it didn't and so we went back and walked down the road a ways.  then on the way back Neil came out of the house and so I made him take my picture.  I laugh when I see this cause I leave my stirrups on the setting where I cut so I look silly but its so much easier than changing them all the time.

Then Saturday was show day that I didn't go to and it sounds like a good thing, the power was out till 1 and so they were super late getting started and finishing.  I headed to Calgary and went to a friends housewarming, nice new house she got kinda on the edge of town.

Sunday was also a day off unplanned cause I was gonna haul down to the barrel race in brooks and run Jess in the time onlys but since I got home at 2 and they started at 10 I was too lazy so stayed home and caught up on some housework.  Sure got behind when I was so sick there and it takes forever to catch up, doesn't help our dishwasher broke and am washing everything by hand till our new one comes at the end of the month.

Back on schedule  Monday hauled down to Brooks again and had a good ride on both girls, tried to get some video of them but when riding Jess some other girl was there and so that didn't work but did get a little of Kali, pretty boring but boring is good :)  I want to do it again and get her cantering.  Its a pain cause I gotta get off every time I wanna restart the video and so after twice with her I just quit for the day.  Next time maybe just do some cantering a video that and not the rest.  I had some lady interested in her but she made a feeble excuse why she wouldn't work.  I wish they would just say no rather than a lame excuse.  Guess I am gonna have to actually list her for sale this year rather than just hoping the right person will come along.

After the ride I turned them both into the arena and let them loose, guess no one has done that before with them cause they just stood there and looked at me.  Then the wandered and Jess rolled one side and then smelled the dirt all around and after about 10 minutes they both looked at each other and took off running as hard as they could to the other end of the arena and bucking and rearing, lol was funny but good for them.  I feel bad they never get out of their blankets except to ride and nowhere to run around too much deep snow and ice in their pen at home.


Country Gal said...

Looks like a cold ride out there in the snow . Nice photos . They stood there in the ring thinking hey this isn't the field what are we to do in here ? lol ! Looks like they figured it out though and kicked up their heels . Sounds like you have been quite horsey busy . Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

Shirley said...

What do you think Kali would be best at? Are you on the FB group Horse Buyers/Sellers Southern Alberta? She seems like a pretty nice horse. Do you think she'd do well penning or sorting?

lisa said...

Brrr, cold ride. I am pretty lax when it comes to riding in the winter. I hate cold weather so, unless it is pretty darn mild I don't ride in the winter months. I agree with you, if your not interested just say so and let it go!

fernvalley01 said...

sure looks like a nice indoor to ride in!You never know ,someone might come along and want Kali, but I agree, the lame excuses are tiresome. if you don't want the horse , don't buy it,and move on