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Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 2 and 3

So I phoned for a lesson and even though no one answered I left a message saying I was coming.  I like that system we just assume its OK unless we hear otherwise, there is always someone there and so unless its something big its not a problem going.  Well it was already warmer and then it started snowing, well it was just nice big giant flakes and no wind so why not I might as well still go.  So I got Jess and we loaded up and off we went.  It was a little hard to see where the sides of the road were on our driveway but after the first half mile was good going.  The pavement had a little snow on but not slippery so that was good to, by the time I got to Doug's it was actually sunny out, I don't think they got any new snow so that was nice and it was even warmer there (it usually is warmer the other side of Drum from us all winter and cooler in the summer)

I was kinda early but went in and he was working a couple young horses, one just came the night before and was just learning what a saddle is, the other had been going a bit longer.  He said he had one more to work and then we would do cows in the afternoon!  Oh perfect day to choose I love working cows :)  His other horse was pretty cool, he rode her mother and liked her so kinda neat to see the next generation.  I didn't know the mare but they all seemed to like her.

Yay cows!  I knew since it had been a while since I worked cows Jess was gonna be a little fresh but holy fresh was an understatement!!!  I thought we were well warmed up but as soon as the cows come in she was awake.  I could hardly hold her back she was so raring to go....maybe I shoulda rode her in the last 10 days!  I made her get off the cows and listen to me and we went back and she was still a little goofy but by the end we got a few good turns.  I need to learn how to stop her square every time, even if it means losing the cow, we have to stop before turning.  Its hard for me to think this I guess my brain isn't fast enough cause I can feel when shes doing it wrong but my reaction isn't fast enough then we are already on the next stop.  I need some slow cows and more I guess.
(she was tired and sweaty when we were done, it was hard work!)

Then Wednesday I went to the dentist and walked on the walking track for an hour or so at the new community center and had coffee with friends.  I need a day off now and then just to remember how much I do like to ride.  Feels like a job sometimes.
(don't know how the animated snow, but George was sleepin, 
 wouldn't even look at me the other day)

Thursday I hauled down to Brooks and it looked like Jessie had a kinda snotty nose, I thought I would take it easy but she had other plans, she was super energetic so we worked for about 45 minutes.  I had great plans of setting up my tripod and videoing us but there was another girl there and before i left 2 more people had come so not this time.  She was a little wet so I put her cooler on and rode Kali.  Its been a few days since I rode her and I could tell, she was all wiggly again and dint want to go to the far end, well not a big deal its a big arena and I can work in half, so we did lots of trotting and she wanted to go to far end so we walked down there and back, amazing how a little work where she wants to be isn't always so much fun :)  She is such a good pony its just more fun to get her to want to do it rather than make her do it, she is a lot happier if she gets to use her brain.  One day down there I may set up a jump or two for her I think she would like it.  Was only about 20 minutes on her but it seemed like longer and I was tired so that was it.

Headed home and my neighbor was over, I put the ponies away and then had a visit with her, that was nice end to the day.  Today gonna try and ride at home if it warms up a little more.


Cindy D. said...

Yay! Lesson. Yay riding Jesse and Kali! Boo Snow! But I love the animated show pic.

I can relate to when you say you can feel when she does it wrong but your reaction time isn't fast enough. Well maybe not. I'm not always sure I can feel it when Trax does it wrong. :-)

Glad you had fun!

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Sounds like some good rides! Great that you got to work cows! A horse with natural talent for them must be fun to ride!

Shirley said...

Sounds like you are enjoying riding Kali again. And Jessie- someday I've got to watch you riding her on cows!

fernvalley01 said...

sounds like she was a wide awake girl!AN a nice ride on Kali too! The snow is part of Picassa( or google ) they call it auto awesome, kinda weird, kinda fun , its where my pics got animated too