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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cows and Riding

Tuesday I had a lesson and it was on cows.  I was gonna make her do what I wanted when I wanted.  And I got there and a whole bunch of people were there some I knew and some I just met.  We visited for a while and then Doug told me to lope my horse for 15 minutes and don't stop.  I said I doubt I can lope that long and he said just do it.  So we did, she was sweaty all over before the cows come in.  Then brought a few cows in, one guy worked before me it was good, let Jess think before it was our turn.  Then we went.  I was told to  pick up on her every time we stopped and it was soo much better, I was confused when the cows just walked and he said its fine to check them then too so now I am less confused and mostly know when to ask her to stop and so just do it, if I am wrong well that's fine, there is hardly any chance I am gonna pick up on her too often.  I guess I am going in the show on Saturday and so going back Friday to work cows again.

Yesterday we headed down to Brooks and planned an easy ride on Jessie cause she worked hard on Tuesday and it was a shorter ride but even though I was thinking just walk trot she wanted to lope and seemed like she had lots of energy so we loped a little.  She must be getting in better shape if shes so eager to lope all the time, before she did it when I asked but she was kinda slow and lazy about it.  I was a little concerned the inside of her hocks seemed warm but the don't seem to bother her so I guess I will just keep an eye on them for a bit and make sure its not anything serious.
 (I love this arena :) )

Kali was next and I was darn determined we were gonna lope, well at first she tried to hump up on me!  I don't think she really knew what she was doing cause she just kept trotting all balled up, so I pulled her around in a circle to get her loose again and asked again it was better, we got a few steps and then she slowed down, I trotted longer and asked again, we got half a lap, well not great but better.

And today we also headed down to Brooks, was a girl with three horses there when I got there and before I left about 5 more people showed up!  I have never seen that many people there at once for free riding.  I rode Kali first since my saddle was set for her and we got 2.....2 whole laps of lope together without her trying to slow down!!!!  I was shocked at that, I think it helps when someone else is there she is more happy to be out there but still I can usually get half a lap and she tries to quit!  I was pretty happy with her so only about 25 minutes on her this time but a good 25 minutes :D

And then Jess and she was good as always we trotted and loped and then some lady set up the barrels so we just pretty much got in her way when she was trying to use them :)  I don't use any equipment and its kinda a pain when others try to do stuff like that and have no concern for what everyone else is doing.  I was just cooling down and they were using them so it wasn't too big a deal this time.  I also saw my neighbor there and her couple horses riding.  First time I seen her down there that was kinda cool.  Got home kinda early today and its getting warmer but sure taking its time.


Shirley said...

Wow, lots of riding. Sounds like everyone is getting ready for spring shows, or else is so tired of winter that they are going to the arena. The more I hear about Kali she should be a Therapy horse.

4RRanch said...

Good luck at the show. 15 min. of cantering is a lot. She must be in good shape.