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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lessons and Outside

Thursday we headed back for another lesson, meant to go Wednesday but I forgot to phone.  I need a reminder cause I like to phone after supper but then stuff happens and next thing I know its too late to call.  But Thursday was on.  I got there and it was just gonna be flag which is good for me and he had me do some different stuff like move her away from and towards the flag while staying level with it and not using my reins.  That was pretty easy for me since we had been working on that when just riding, one thing that's hard for all horses, one leg means move away from it without going faster, two legs means faster.  Hardest for Razz, but even Jess wants to go faster and so we been going around at a trot and I make her move over one way or another on the long sides of the arena, try to keep her head facing straight or a little outside and lead with her ribs.  Its hard for her cause she just want to go that way on a diagonal but we been getting it.  And I discovered she is way more sensitive on the left side than the right, gotta work to get them even.  I got thinking later it was cause my left knee bothers me a lot and I don't want to kick hard on that side so I make sure they listen to a light touch but I guess I gotta do that on the right as well.

We also worked on stopping straight, I know if I keep my cow leg on her when we stop she will think of turning in but won't cause my leg is there, its just hard for me cause when I think stop I think take legs off, but Doug said its quite common for them to like that close feeling so they know what always going on and as soon as I move that leg she goes into the turn.  Gonna have to keep practicing that till it becomes habit.

Was a good lesson, made me feel like something got accomplished.  And got a plan to work cows twice before the show on the 25th that I am hopefully going to.

Friday was a beautiful day so we rode outside again, this time I made Jess open the gate to the hay corral and we rode out towards the cows.  I find she is way better opening the gate if its on her left side but I am so awkward going that way so we practiced the other way that's easier for me.

There is still quite a bit of snow out there and so we stayed on the trail but even though that seems packed down by the tractor it really isn't for a horse.  She would walk and every four or five steps fall through.  She didn't really like it and I don't blame her so I tried to pick where it was shallowest and looked hardest.  We made it most of the way to the cows, there was one more deep spot and so we just turned around before it.  Then stopped to talk to Neil for a bit and he was welding and he said he was gonna scare my pony with his alien head and put his mask on and walked up to her and she just looked at him like "wheres the cookies"  lol.  Then we tried to walk down the road and we got to the bare spot where the grader had plowed to the ground and she was looking at it like what is that???  haha guess its been snowy so long she doesn't remember what the ground looked like.  But after much sniffing she decided it was OK to walk on, lol.  It got a little slippery after that so we headed back.  Was a nice ride out though probly the best one of the winter.

(love my tall horse, lol)

Saturday and Sunday both were hauled down to Brooks and had nice rides on them, sure makes a difference for Kali the consecutive days with her, she just gets better, I rode her like a beginner and she was so funny, I even tried leaning far to to side and she just stops and turns and looks at me, probly wondering what the crazy humans are doing now.  I didn't steer her and she just eventually wandered to the gate and stood there, it was funny.  I am enjoying her and I kinda wish I had an arena and I would keep her and maybe put her over a few jumps I think she might like that. Yesterday Shirley asked if shed be good for penning or sorting and I doubt it, shes too small for one ting compared to all horses I have ever seen and shes kinda afraid of cows, specially if they are coming at her.  And she likes slow.

Also been counting on these as my horsemanship challenge, so far am up to 8 rides and 5 hours 45 minutes with Jessie.  And even though not doing the challenge with Kali I have 5 rides and only 1 hour 45 minutes.  Wow guess those 20 minute rides don't count up very fast should ride her longer I guess...good thing I got Jess as  my challenge horse gonna get 30 rides and 40 hours in by end of March for sure on her and hopefully on Kals too.


Cindy D. said...

Sounds like you have gotten some good work in, and even some nice relaxing rides. Good for you!!!

Shirley said...

Fun riding out in the sun! I wonder if Kali would make a good horse for Therapeutic Riding, sure sounds like it!