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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


This summer I really wanted to do a vegetable garden since I hadn't the last couple years and I missed those fresh veggies.  I love love love lettuce from the garden.  But I hate our rototiller and was trying to find a nice way to tell Neil that we need a new one and over the winter I just mentioned a new one would be nice (just to plant the idea in his mind, sometimes that works best gives him time to think about it a while) and he said ya I think that's a good idea that one is old and hard to start and shakes you all over a new one is a good idea.  Well I was shocked!  I kinda wish I said it 5 years ago, lol.  But anyways come spring and he was sick and I was busy and we didn't know what we wanted so we never ended up buying one and gardening time was coming.  We didn't wanna just randomly buy one without knowledge of what works and what doesn't, and one day was lookin in the popular mechanics and they said the mantis was best then the troybilts.  Gave us some idea but I dunno where to get a mantis and the troybilt lawnmower we had we both hated.  Well Neil's dad has a one he uses in town and offered to bring it out and use it for a few times and see if we like it.  So he did it was a little small but we don't have a very big garden anymore and so it was fine.  It was an MTD and it run super great.  I didn't realize it at the time but its the same as our gas mower and I love that one too so maybe that will be what we end up with.  I had dug out a bunch of grass last summer and so chunks of that were in there and so I rototilled it twice and then put a bunch of peat moss and done it again in a couple days.  It was pretty nice after that and so I planted my potatoes (and so far that's still all that's planted)  I now mow the grass around the garden area and have a cute bench out there that is super heavy and I wanna paint it white this summer.

I went down to my Neighbors basket stuffing on Monday and filled my baskets and got enough for all my planters except for a couple climbers cause she didn't have any.  So yesterday I mowed and today I planted all my flowers and I found a couple climbers at the IGA after I went to the Chiro and so they are in as well.  Sure looks pretty around here now, better when they are a little bigger and more filled out.  Now onto the vegetable which I got 10 giant tomato plants from a different neighbor and so those are next to go in.
(4 Square planters for the deck corners, filled with white petunia and shades of pink waves

2 of these by the deck door with white petunias

the whole deck 

2 baskets and 2 round planters

5 of theses hanging with pink million bells and some white flower plant

By Front door, a basket and a round planter and a tricycle planter

My donkey planter and another round planter

Climber with petunias around it and hanging baskets

And the cute climbing plant, hope its tough enough to survive in the wind we get


cdncowgirl said...

This year is my LAST year to attempt a garden, unless of course it fails through no fault of my own (like a freak storm). Pie was going to till it for me Monday but it rained all darn day.

I've got tons of planters to fill... gotta get on that too.

Your place will look so pretty once all those plants start to fill up and bloom :)

Country Gal said...

Good idea ! Veggies can grow in anything one doesn't need a big veggie garden , One of my friends grows her veggies in old metal wash bins on her porch and they are wonderful .We have made a raised veggie garden just need the half and half top soil lol a bit behind this year lol ! Hope all grows well for you ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

Shirley said...

You'll have to do pics of all your baskets in the summer when they are in full bloom.
Love that donkey planter. The vine is a Thunbergia, I love them and have a couple of them too.

4RRanch said...

Boy, that's a lot of pots to water. I bet they will look great in a few weeks. I have to turn my garden over by hand with a fork, very tiresome.

Anonymous said...

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