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Friday, May 16, 2014

New Computer

Well I finally had time and got to Calgary on Tuesday to go computer shopping.  I tried to look local but they just didn't have exactly what I wanted.  And so off I went.  And found it!  I got an Acer Aspire E with touchscreen and  8 GB using speed and 1 terabyte memory, that should hold enough stuff for a while.

So far I love it its so fun using the touchscreen and kinda weird using both touchpad and screen, sometimes annoying as I hit the side of the touchpad and its like sliding your finger across the screen and it brings up the menu, but I'm getting better at that.  And it has windows 8.1 which I had never used before and so that takes a bit of adjusting to too.  Specially the pictures, boy that's frustrating all the pics on my camera went into yesterdays folder even though they were taken since last August.  So spent a day organizing that.  But hopefully wont be too complicated and I will figure it out.

I just haven't figured out if I can connect my iPad to it and how to connect my phone to it, but I'm sure it all will somehow.

Neil is getting way better, he still gets super tired but almost back to normal, his doctor saw him on Wednesday and he said he was going golfing and the doc said golf all you want golf is for sissies, lol.  But he did go and they used a cart but was pretty tired afterwards, but at least hes getting out and doing stuff now.

I got my friend S to come over on Tuesday to help me move our cows West and she used Jessie so I used Bailey for the first time this year and she was super energetic as always and we went loping after some cows that went the wrong way and she turned after the first one and I was going for all 3 so not expecting that at all and lost my stirrups and she kept going, I dug in with my spurs and grabbed one rein short, I was not falling off!  and eventually she slowed down enough for me to get back in control, and we got the cows back too.  My friend was glad she was on Jessie, she really liked her.  I asked if she wanted to trade and she didn't even though I said I got her broke now.  It was good, my legs were a little sore from hanging on but nothing I cant handle. (no pics I didn't even bring the camera)

Till the next day, I took Bob out to see what was left behind cause I knew we left a cow who was calving back and always a few others think they should go find their calves that they lost along the way.  Well only 6 pairs out and 2 had come back and they took off for the gate as soon as they saw me, lol so that was easy.  The cow with new calf was stupid her calf would run and she would run the opposite way but finally got them together and towards the other 3 and they went to the gate too.  Of course some cow rubbed the gate open overnight to the wrong field so they are now in another field, but at least off the hay.  I hate rope gate ties for exactly that reason, I would much prefer a wire gate tie on a gate built right so its not tight.

Somehow in that morning I jarred my back and its super sore although I always say Bob (the side by side) was harder on me than a horse and now I can prove it.  Kinda made me chuckle its supposed to be easier but not in this case, I cant move without hurting but 2 days later and its a lot better.


Cindy D. said...

I wish I could go out and move my cows around on horse back. Oh wait, I don't have cows!

4RRanch said...

1 T of memory wow, that should last for a little while. I think a touch screen is great. I'm use to it with my ipad and when my daughter has me help her with chemistry on her laptop I am forever tapping at the screen. She has to keep reminding me hers isn't a touch screen.

Shirley said...

Glad you are back on computer, a lot easier than using your iphone.
If you are done calving, and branding is just around the corner, you must be getting geared up for cutting lessons and competitions.

cdncowgirl said...

Sounds like a nice laptop. I'm wanting a new one, kinda think mine isn't going to last much longer but I'm not sure what to get (and my budget is limited)