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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Testing Testy Bulls

Every year we semen test our bulls before we put them out with the cows just to make sure they aren't shooting blanks and today was the day.  We have 9 bulls this year and one we bought in April has been done so that just leaves 8.  It was 26*C here today, by far the hottest we have had which is fine for bulls but not so good for humans.  Luckily our bulls are pretty quiet and we had very little trouble with them.  The first one we did he just jumped back and forth in the chute the whole time and generally wasn't happy but not bad, the next 3 were super good, then we had one that wouldn't load, just would not move.  Well none of us 4 can move a 2000 pound bull if he don't wanna move so that was hard but we had a gate that we open to load in the stock trailer that we just pushed on behind him and left him nowhere to go but in.  After that he was fine.  Number 6 was good to get in but as he was almost done layed down. ugh so we let him out and brought him around again to the back of the line.  We did the last couple and the new bull came in and got a vaccination for footrot (they all got it, after they tested good) and then we put number 6 in again.  He lasted good enough this time we got him tested up and all our bulls are good this year :)
(waiting to be done)

(getting done)

(some bulls are just wimpy and lay down in awkward postions)

(yay they are done!  and eating the little bit of grass in the pasture from winter)

Now they will stay in the pasture by the house till its time to go out to the cows, they will get one more footrot shot then, I imagine they wont like going in the chute then very much but we will get it done somehow.
(the whole garden)

(Tomatoes that I was told not too put in cages cause they will grow too
 big for them but I am a bad person and didn't listen)

And I got my corn and tomatoes planted, yay!  so just them and potatoes in the garden so far, I have hot peppers and carrots and lettuce and maybe a pumpkin to go in so far.  And Shirley, good eye, it has a label I just couldn't remember when I came in the house to post.


Shirley said...

I'm late planting my garden this year, so I got some seedlings- lettuce, 2 kinds of spinach, kale, onions and 4 heirloom tomato plants.
I'll put carrots and peas in by seed, but that;s about it. I have lots of volunteer dill growing from last year's dropped seeds.

fernvalley01 said...

busy times, glad the bulls all tested good

4RRanch said...

Glad all of your bulls passed. What a pain when one doesn't.