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Friday, May 30, 2014

Rainy Day Project

It was rainy on Tuesday and so I figured the perfect day to get an indoor project done.  I have lots of projects to do and don't wanna waste my summer days inside so this woulda waited till a cold day (or winter) but rain and cool are a good excuse too.

My closet in the bedroom is only 3 feet wide, pretty tiny.  For that reason (and we have a spare room and no kids) all my long dresses and pants I don't wear often and most of Neil's hanging up clothes are in the other closet.  But still was overcrowded and I have so much other than hanging stuff I wanted to put away too.

I been looking at closet organizers and most are for 5-8 feet, well that's no good so I was thinking I would just make my own, just buy the wire shelves in bulk and put them where I want them to be.  But when shopping with my sister I seen one for 3-5 feet closets!  I so was on that and bought it :)

I have to take a break and say I hate my house, Neil's dad and grampa "fixed" it up and neither is a carpenter good, bad or otherwise and so there are a lot of things in this house I just cant stand.  I am of the mindset that if you don't know how to do it, either find out or get help (or someone who knows how)  There is so much just patched together stuff its annoying trying to do anything else.  I figure if you do it right the first time you are better off.  And no I don't think it gives it character as some would say its just wrong and this is not the first time its caused problems.

Because of the crazy way stuff was done it was a lot harder putting together than the box had said, it woulda been nice if the back wall of the closet didn't have boards sticking out so I had to use the other closet shelves and make a solid back.  I should spent a couple days and just dry walled it all and made it right but I had a closet-full of stuff on the bed cause I didn't realize it was gonna be so bad till I took it apart.

But after pretty much a full day I have a new closet, reorganized the way I like so far, I'm sure a few things will be moved around and stuff but so neat and tidy!  Yay.  The bottom shelf isnt put totally in cause I used a wall support where just a mid support shoulda been used so now I need one more wall support, but no big deal I will pick one up next time I am in town.

Although it still looks crowded compared to the box picture.  I dunno where they get these closets, obviously not real.  Mine is the same except the long hanging part on the side was 2 feet so I just got rid of that part.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

There's definitely nothing standard about closets. In my house hunting efforts over the years, and from watching House Hunters on TV, I've seen some houses that have no closets whatsoever, and others that had closets that were rooms in their own right. Closet space is one of those things that is a must for me. It's tough trying to organize without the help of shelves and racks. My old house just had bars to hang clothes from, so my dad built some shelves. My new house even has shoe racks. I love modern marvels.

Shirley said...

I hear you on doing it right the first time.... one of the things I love about Ted is that he is very good at fabrication and design and he does it right... but sometimes it's tough to get him to finish a project!!!

cdncowgirl said...

Oh man, this reminds me of how badly I need to organize my closets...

True story, I lost Voodoo's barrel racing breastcollar this winter. Found it the other day, in the linen closet.
(I have NO clue what I was thinking lol)

lisa said...

I have a walk in closet. I have been wanting to redo it. I think it is time! Yours looks great.