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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Not Back to Normal Yet :(

Haven't posted in what feels like forever, was kinda hoping to get a computer of my own so I could post some pictures but so far haven't had a chance.

Neil is home and he was feeling good for a few days and did way too much and now is not feeling as good and we headed to the doctor and he has him booked for more tests.  I dunno what's going on and I think the doctor is kinda stumped as well.  Its frustrating to not know and frustrating to Neil to not be better.

In other news we have about 145 calves on the ground, sure seems like a million when they are running around, lol.  I am not a very good counter but if I go in the afternoons when its warm they are usually sleeping and easier to count.  Had my friend S come up and help me move a bunch more cows north that were hanging out in the creek and I couldn't get them out by myself.  It was such a nice day we went quicker than she expected and so we did a walk around the cows afterwards as well.  Pretty soon it will be time to move them out of that field as well, I dunno where time goes these days.

Got 5 more heifers in the corral that are in no hurry to calve, I sure wish we woulda left our bulls out for shorter, I kept saying we should but ya know cant change they way things are done forever.  I cant wait for the day I can sleep as long as I feel like it.  And one day soon we are gonna move all the heifers that calved out onto grass so I can quit feeding them as well.  But I think we are hoping to get em all calved first.

Not much else is going on I would like to go to a lesson one day but it seems like the weeks are just full and busy with driving Neil here and there and checking cows and fixing fence and doing chores, seems to be no extra time :(  Only good thing is I am getting lots of riding in and I need that break from Neil doing something I enjoy.  I sure would like life back to normal one day soon though.

I do have scrap booking retreat on the 23-25 of May booked and so am hoping to be able to go to that it will be a nice break even if I don't get much done.  Otherwise I hate to plan too much into the future now.


Linda said...

As Terril would say "Just think how self sufficient you're learning to be". Hope things get easier for you SOON!

fernvalley01 said...

It gets tired this time of year to still be feeding, and with Neil sick I am bettin you are pooped! Hope he is well soon, it can sure take the stuffins out of you to be that sick, and it takes a long time to get better

4RRanch said...

Sounds like you've got your hands full. Hope Neil gets well soon. Glad you're getting to ride still.