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Monday, October 21, 2013

A Week In Red Deer

Sept 29 to Oct 6 was the Canadian Supreme in Red Deer.  I had no intentions of going everyday but was there all week except Wednesday.  I really enjoyed it too and learned some stuff about cutting and about me too.  Every day started with cutting which of course is my favorite.  I got over 300 pictures that week and most turned out no too bad, some are blurry of course and some are just bad timing (hard for me to know when the cow is gonna move so I can get the right shot)

Lots of other stuff going on up there too, reining from Wednesday to Sunday over in the other barn, I watched a little but its like watching paint dry to me, a good run is amazing but the rest, bleh.

 (this horse looks hard to ride, big moves)

(hard stopping horse from a rider with no head, lol)

Also watched some cowhorse fence work, the herd work was done in the cutting pen and after that was all done, they took down the announcers stand and fence work time.  I think it would be really fun to run a cow down the fence, I probly woulda gotten into cowhorse if there wasn't reining involved (and not a real fan of two handed cutting)

I was up there for 3 days with Susan and then Shirley came over and we spent the weekend there.  We went to the horse sale, some pretty cool horses went through there...and no I did not buy any, lol.  Although after watching Elaine Speights horse win the 4 year old non pro cutting I wished I had her but no I doubt I would ever buy a performance horse at a sale.  I am not experienced enough to do that, I need to try the horse a few times before I even think about buying.
(our farrier at the barn and his fence run)

(Doug in the finals)

(Loren Christianson, I really like him too)

I have never stayed for the finals before, was pretty exciting, Doug was sitting first and second in the four year old class and I was on the edge of my seat until the last horse went and he won it by half a point.  I was sure disappointed but it was Les Timmons and you always gotta watch him he goes to win every time and he has a pretty nice horse and a good run.  But it made me think I couldn't handle having a horse that someone else was showing, so much stress and I never even seen the horse before that week, lol.

 (two pics of Vic Almond, we used to go to his place in Ponoka)

 (two pics of Ken from the tack store we go to)

(not a great pic quality wise, but I love the horses mane in the air and how low she got)

I sure was exhausted at the end of the week, not sure how the competitors were but they musta been tired too, but I still wanna make it there one day.


4RRanch said...

Great action pictures. Sounds like a fun week.

fernvalley01 said...

sounds awesome, wish I could have made it there

cdncowgirl said...

Man I wish I could have made it!

aurora said...

Fun event!

Shirley said...

I really enjoyed it too, although my back got pretty sore from sitting in the bleachers, I might have to get one of those stadium chairs for next time.
I learned a lot from you, in understanding the cutting game, thanks for the insights on what was going on in the runs.