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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Farrier Day

We are a bit more settled in this week. Although I messed things up again yesterday.  Farrier came out and so everyone got trimmed and wormed (except Easy, he can wait another month, kinda  a pain but hes down doing other feet in the area so will stop by and do his and check on Pally's crack and I don't know when he was wormed so he got skipped this time, will have to ask)He loves Easy, says he has heel horse written all over him.  I said hes not for sale yet :)  And he said if Pally was a gelding he would take her home today....umm no I still want her too.  Wish he wanted Dee or Trio would be easier to make a deal that way.
(Easy and Pally stood side by side 
all the time the farrier was here, 
I wasn't too worried 
hes been tied by lots of strange horses before and is fine)

 And then I put Jessie, George and Razz in the north pasture.

 And Dee in with Trio. And Pally in with Easy.

(his arched neck protecting Pally haha)

(she looks at me like really in with him?)

(Trio shes so sweet unruffled by all the craziness, 
and Easy being silly in the background)

(Dee in one of her rare fast moving phases)

They got along perfect, he herds her a bit and she just moves away and ignores him.  But boy did he not like Dee in the next pen, he would run at the fence at her and she would run away flag her tail and when he'd leave shes paw the gate so back he'd come.  Easy sure got his exercise!  This morning seems a lot more settled down.  Easy and Pally eating out of the same pile and ignoring the others, whew.  Never had this much hassle when introducing a horse to the herd.

Spent Sunday and Monday trail riding with friends on Jessie. Shes such a good horse just pull her out of the pasture load her and pick up a friend and go ride.  Then the back trailer tie is right beside the latch and we went in for coffee after a ride and the other horse must have got her halter caught on the latch and pulled back and it broke.  So we can't haul home with no door latch so we left the horses there.  Jess and Twister shared a pen and it was like they were always together, whew good thing it wasn't Easy.  Went Monday to Airdrie to get a part which they had in stock luckily and put it on and since we were there we went riding again.  Perfect 2 days in a row :)
(and a pretty sunset last night)

I'm trying to decide which shows I will go to.  Not going this weekend but maybe the central show on the 23/24. And probly central shows May 7/8 and the 14th.   Hopefully can do June 11th and July 2/3 too.   For sure the ACHA shows April 30-May 1st and June 18-19th.  June is a hard month for me cause of brandings.  I also found a Pony show in Red Deer on July 15-17th.  No shows then so maybe I will take Pally to that, not sure what we will go in yet but be fun and get to see more ponies too.

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Shirley said...

We need to figure out everyone's plans for August, me and Janice want to come spend a few days riding with you guys. Maybe end of July- early August?