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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Back to What I know

On Saturday afternoon Neil wanted to move cows, he figured I could take Easy but not yet hes too worried about ground and then the cows would just be too exciting, too much yet, but it will happen we got lots of summer yet.  So I grabbed Jessie, weakend, that's why I wanted to sell her so I have to use someone else but I know she's good we've done it so many times before.  Razz is good but not by herself real well, although shes better than I give her credit for sometimes.  And Dee is awful by herself and so hard to steer after riding broke horses haha.  And Pally well shes probly good but never have yet so Jessie it was.
 It was hot.
Got all saddled, had to take the back cinch off she is too fat for it to fit)  and Neil come in and wanted a drink cause he was out checking fences and was hot, so was I and all I did was walk forever to catch horses and then saddled.  So a pop later we were ready.  Left out past stackyards and Neil wanted to check on the horned owls nest that he saw in the tree, of course harder to see now that its leafed out and he went down the hill and still couldn't see anything and she never flew out so who knows.

Then to look at the teepee ring, its easy to see on horseback but he has hard time finding it with Bob, even though I was standing inside it, shoulda got him to take a pic of us but Jess was not wanting to stand still, her greatest fault.  Then over to the cows, Neil took the far way towards the creek and I gathered from where we were and just pushed North.  One cow without calf didn't want to go until I got close enough, but she did, we woulda left those not calved yet behind but sometimes that doesn't work very well, they get up front cause not worried about where there calf is.

Then as I was pushing slowly up one side cause they were moving quite nice I see a cow heading towards the creek on the other end, so off we go to get her.  She stopped as we got closer so I slowed down and then she wouldn't move till I was right up to her.
(I coulda cut the last 2 minutes off this 
its just walking across the prairie
 but I still cant figure out how I used to do it)

And then I saw Neil pushing cows towards my bunch so I left them for him and went and got the others that had past the gate and most were in except a few calves and so he brought them up with Bob and I cut off the cows (and used my serious voice haha) and we got them all in.  My reins are so long haha I could probly shorten them some so I wouldn't have to move my hand so much.

Then on the way home, went back the way I came, let her lope a ways home cause she wanted too :)  and why not there's a real nice patch about half mile long and then through the first gate and we trotted that and then she knows to walk as we get to the hay corral and I can kick my feet out of the stirrups, drop the reins and she takes me right to the trailer :)  Got a few pics on the way home.
(Cow skull)

(we are almost at the top of the world!)

(home in the distance)

(into hay corral)

(and back at the trailer)

(sweaty tired pony)

Then I tied her up with the cinch loosened and stopped for another drink.  Unsaddled her gave her some grain and turned her out with her friends again.  I think she liked it, only the second time she's been out this spring and if all goes well she will go to a friend for the summer to do some trail rides on, pretty easy summer for her.  And then I have big plans for her for next year we will see how it goes.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Whenever I see your cow herding videos I think of the movie "City Slickers." I don't think I could do the job of chasing cows on demand. I'd have to the be a tail who does nothing but walk behind the herd, and maybe radio up ahead to someone else if some cows stray.

Shirley said...

Your good mare! Bet she was happy to get out and chase cows again. Can't wait to hear what your plans for her for next year are.