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Thursday, May 12, 2016


The day after I got my new lens I also notice the Saskatoon bushes were flowering so I thought I would go to the creek and have a look and see how many there are.  I took Bob and my camera and off we went.  Shoulda brought a water too it was hot but I sure liked it when I got back.  As soon as I got close to the hill I could see all the white flowers.  Sure enough lots of them.
(so many in this coulee, my favorite picking area)

(and here looking towards the neighbors, lots as well)

(this hill of trees looks white from blooms)

(even single sticks had blooms on them, 
I think we are gonna have a lot this year)

Then I got looking at some of our crossings, since Neil likes to drive bob around he wants crossing that work good for the side by side, me I prefer crossings my horse can cross, not always the same, he likes big rocks and I like smaller more gravelly.  We got quite a few crossings, I didn't get them all but all in this winter field.
(This used to be a really nice crossing 
and then the beavers built a dam
 now its way to deep to even try to cross, probly 5 feet or so)

(This ones OK, just south of the water for the winter)

(and this one to, looks muddy but its not and super shallow)

(this is OK, not for Bob so it stays nice for horses :) )

(this one has a big hole in it, we are getting it fixed this summer)

(and another with a hole, we collect rocks and put them in there)

(this one is kinda soft, not my favorite one but short so not bad)

(and this ones dry with a million big rocks, I hate it)

And then I finally come across some wildlife, a hawk of some sort, and some deer, thought I would see a lot more but I think Bob is too loud they hear him from far away.

(his head looks bent in half, 
he knows I'm there just not sure if I'm a threat yet)

And after I came back up to the top got a view of the creek looking down south and then back North to the pump house where we water in the winter, regular and totally zoomed in, works good :)  Shoulda brought the regular lens could see not zoomed at all.
(far away view, 55 zoom)

(closer view, 250 zoom)

(and the creek its so windy (not like wind but like curvey))

Then I saw a bunch of wildflowers, sure are pretty when it blooms out here.  Also had something purple on the other side of the creek but no pics today.


(closer cactus)

(dead Canada Thistle)

(buffalo beans)

Alll in all a good trip, I like going down there, I've ridden down there lots, that's always where the company wants to go so we do but not when taking zoom pics, need a pretty still horse for that.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

There is cactus in Canada? My vision is lots of snow.

Crystal said...

Haha we get pretty hot in the summer and cold in the winter, same cactus as we saw in Southern California but smaller of course. Prickly Pear and Ball I think

TeresaA said...

I don't think that it's the cold that's bad for cacti but the wet. So it must be dry there. still Canada is not known for our cactus. :)

What a beautiful place you live.

Shirley said...

There is actually a lot of cactus in south central BC, they call it the Inland Plateau, the Okanagan where it is so hot and dry.
I think there will be lots of Saskatoon pies and jam happening at your house this year!