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Monday, May 23, 2016


Anyways back to the garden, planted most of it May 11, potatoes, corn, peas, beans, carrots, onions, lettuce.  Maybe a bit early for the corn specially but it was so nice out and so I took a chance.  Just started to sprout when we had a bunch of cold weather and rain this weekend. So no need to water I guess and now some sun and they should really grow.  As soon as it dries up a bit I will plant all my stuff I grew and I still have a few to buy mostly flowers and I was gonna go see Janice and her greenhouse but was planning to go with a friend and now shes there with her daughter instead, grrr, shoulda just went on my own.
(whole garden view, I just mowed before the rain 
probly needs to be done again already)

(peony that just grows)

(crab tree I trimmed)

(climbing red rose in garden)

(plants I grew)

(pretty bush rose)

(random maple tree that no one planted)

(ornamental crab, I don't prune this 
I don't even know where to start as it is almost a bush)

(love the blooms on the crab)

I had a bunch of tree trimming to do, the crabapple tree especially as it had a branch that was over the garden that wouldn't let the sprinkler get to the one corner of the garden.  I was gonna do it last fall but I read that fruit trees should be trimmed early spring well I was a bit late on that one so I only did one tree if no fruit on it I will still have the other tree.  I also trimmed up all the lilacs and the almost dead honeysuckle and the thorn tree.  Would like to do the bigger trees but I need a ladder and help and that's not as easy to do.

(yellow climbing rose in garden)

(more plants I grew they are getting so big, need the garden)

(plants from Cessford)

Today was the plant sale in Cessford that I always go to and I bought a random number of plants I'm sure there will be enough with mine to fill all my planters I just need a nice day and can get them all in.  We got 2 inches of rain over the weekend so it is soggy around here. Not that I am complaining we needed it but I want sun now. And a week ago started some pumpkins cantelope and squash and they are huge already, specially the pumpkins, I forgot how fast they grow

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fernvalley01 said...

goodness! it seems we have been in spring so long I would be further ahead! I haven't event planted my sweet peas yet!