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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Running Sunday

So we entered a race in Calgary a while ago.  I have been meaning to get running regularly after winter and it just never really happened, me and S had made plans to walk once a week in Drum and we were fairly regular about it.  And I tried to walk a couple times a week at home or wherever I was.  But so little running.  Not sure I will ever really be able to run too many issues and running is hard on the body. But we were entered so away we went.
(the bracelet we got at the finish line, Id prefer a medal but oh well)

Got up early and they had parking at McMahon Stadium and shuttle buses to the park cause there wasn't much parking there.  We were running late (of course) and we got to the race and picked up our race package just as they were starting.  Good thing we al have individual timers so we got there and started walking.  Glad the S was walking as well, she said she did even less than me but shes in better shape all the time I think.  It was a good race, so pretty, along the bow river lilacs blooming and temperature was perfect.  We were not that fast but we finished!
(The bag we got and my number, 
we could pick what we wanted to put on it)

(all the goodies in the bag, 
I already used the Burt's Bees and the pedi lotion)

After the race they have fruit and sample juices for you to try.  And we got a swag bag with our bib number and boy the stuff in there wow more than worth the entry fee.  We kinda took our time and then got back to the truck and went for lunch at Peters.  Haven't been there in a long time and ordered too much food of course but it was sooo good!  I had a cheese dog, poutine and a pina colada milk shake, mmmm.

Then on the way home we stopped at Peavey Mart to look at pumps and got side tracked by roses, they were nice but we didn't buy cause looked dry but on the way out of the parking lot come across Rona and saw more roses so we stopped there and I ended up buying 3, wasn't planning on it but they were on sale and I want some in a couple years after I build my arbor and so am gonna plant them in the garden and see if I can make them survive.
(I love yellow climbing roses, they say will survive 
but I'm wary so I got a red one too, they seem tougher 
and I couldn't resist the yellow and red one)

(can tell the climbers for sure, they are tall)

All in all a good day and we are already planning our next one, either Canmore, Invermere, night run in Calgary or maybe even New Mexico......not sure yet


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

What a cool swag bag. Good for you to participate in a run. Today both of my hips went out on me. It took me ten minutes to walk 100-feet to pick up a pile of manure that Gabbrielle left at the far boundary of the arena. If I hurt as much tomorrow as I did today, I think I'll just crawl around to clean the arena. That'll be a sight to see.

TeresaA said...

Good for you! I haven't fun in a while! I love roses and those look beautiful.

Linda said...

I started running again before calving but then it just got way too busy. Lethbridge use to have Ladiesfest and that was always my favorite short run...8k's. I'd like to train and do the Drum half marathon. I always thought of roses as rich man's annuals...I did have a couple of Explorer roses that lived a few years...Terril's mom had a Henry Hudson that survived many.