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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Riding Out and a Lesson

Well I missed out on entering the show today, entries closed Tuesday at 9 and we had company and didn't leave till 10:30.  That and the fact i was undecided if I should go so I didn't enter, apparently they are really good about late entries but I hadn't been riding a whole lot and no lessons for a month I decided I better not.  But I rode on Thursday and had a super ride.  Trying to get Easy out more and so I ride him in the arena, lots of trotting, some loping.

And then I grab Pally and pony her out.  I have ponied her in the arena before and shes obviously done it before she just walks up beside me and no big deal.  They are totally different, Easy is calm and relaxed in the yard and Pally doesn't like walking by stuff but out in the open Easy gets tense and Pally just relaxes.  Kinda works well actually.

We walked out about a 1/4 mile and back, not very far but every time I go a little farther and soon we wont even have to worry about it.  Hes been good so far, I just don't like the head up and stiff as a board feeling when I'm out there alone.

Then yesterday I went for a lesson, loaded both Pally and Easy and it worked well, Pally stood good at he trailer, called a couple times but not bad and had a fantastic lesson.  We worked 4 cows, 2 super slow hardly moving cows and 2 medium cows.  Yay I didn't forget everything I learned :)  As good as he was we totally coulda shown today.  Oh well there is more shows.
(hes so fun :) )

(dunno why its so dark, 
but they get to graze the arena after a ride,
 works good for all of us)

Oh and I dunno if anyone looks at the side bars but we got our branding date picked out and a few of the neighbors, got about 6 more to add to the list but so far looks like the first week of June is gonna be super busy, I'm still hoping the 11th doesn't get booked as there is a show that day too, Id go if we aren't branding but who knows so far.  I'm gonna try and go for a lesson a week and see how that goes too.  Also the people who were hosting the cowboy challenge last year are doing roping lessons so I might try do some of that, maybe with Razz she should be fun.


Shirley said...

I totally get that not liking the head up- stiff as a board feeling when you are riding out by yourself. Looks like Pally is a good companion and it gets her exercised too.
Thanks for mentioning your sidebar- I wouldn't have looked. What about the August long weekend for the blogger ride?

Crystal said...

Ya that weekend works for me :)