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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Everything At Once

Been working on the garden the last little while in between everything else.  We finally got our bulls tested, all 10 passed although we sent away for trich tests and they will take a week or so to get back but we don't think we will have any trouble.  One bull was so goofy he wouldn't lock his head in so put it sideways then sat on the pole we had behind him, looks so uncomfortable to me but he sat that way a long time, goof ball.  They sure all have different personalities some just take it some are wimpy and others try to fight the whole time.  They all settled down and it didn't take too long.

We also got a calf from the neighbor a week or so ago and he is well mothered and her with him but he wasn't looking full so while the vet was here he looked at him as well and decided he has some sort of stomach bug and just wasn't feeling well, maybe not enough colostrum or maybe got infection from his real mom, she had mastitis pretty bad.  Well after 2 doses he is lively can't catch him for nothing now :)

Still working on the deck although a bit slow for one reason or another.  Although I did get the old deck pretty well pulled apart and rounduped the grass and lilac bush where the new deck is gonna go.  I am kinda waiting on the neighbor to bring gravel as I want to put down lasndcape fabric and then gravel on top and maybe plywood on top of that  cause our deck will be 3-4 feet off the ground so might as well enclose it and store the lawn chairs and stuff under there in the winter time.  He is supposed to come anytime now hes actually bringing it for the garage base which should be going up anytime soon we are getting a quote right now.

While they were out talking about the garage our plumber/electrician was out and installed the AC (hoe nice!) and put a new breaker box in the old pump house where Neil stores stuff and in my woodshop and a new yard light and lights on the run in shed where my horses are, just in case we ever want to calve heifers again (I hope not) or whatever reason.  And wow are they ever bright, I used them when feeding after dark this week just to test them out I like them :)  And last fall I got a sprayer from a friend and gonna use it for the arena to water and its older so needed a few fixes so got working on that as well, turns out the pump doesn't work some electrical issue.  If I cant find anyone to fix it I will get a similar one, they are $113 at Peavey Mart which is still pretty cheap if that's all it costs me to fix it up along with the maybe $10 of other parts I needed.
(the sprayer system, not what I was wanting but I think will work really well)

(some cat likes to help all the time)

(and my new breaker in the woodshop,
 needs a new ceiling too but one thing at a time)

And the window seat is put on hold as I was looking at the plans to see the joists so I could nail it down and it looked like there was supposed to be a vent below the window, well there wasn't so I phoned the house lady and they are coming out next Tuesday to have a look and if its not there just leave it and if it is they will move it to in front of the window seat, so not all bad just made me have to stop when I was really getting going.

(sorta how its gonna look, 
opening in the front for baskets 
and gonna paint it to match the walls)

(but for now just waiting)

Also went to the Draft Horse Sale shoulda brought some stuff but maybe next year, although I feel like I say that every year.  Never bought anything was kinda looking for a pony harness hehe but only one was there and it was pretty light.  They did have a pile of carts/wagons/sleighs.  Even some pony stuff but the one I wanted was too short for Pally and I don't think she knows how to drive but I really want to.
(so many wagons)

(John Deere Pony cart, 
Pony dump sleigh 
and the red one I looked at but shafts are too low)

(stopped at my Moms afterwards to take her for supper 
and she made us take a selfie lol)

An then they had a big fundraiser in Brooks for the people from Fort Mac and so we stopped down there for a bit had supper and listened to the band, stopped in the beer gardens and bid on a few auction items.  Neil got 4 passes for golf he was pretty excited about that.  Not real well organized but they raised a pile of money anyways.


TeresaA said...

wow you have been busy!

Shirley said...

You are busy! It will be nice when you get your new house just the way you want it.
Maybe you can find a driving clinic to put Pally in? We have one here every year....just sayin'... :0)