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Monday, May 9, 2016

Camera Lens

So I was heading to Drumheller to do the MS Walk on the first and sometimes before I go I like to look and see whats on the buy and sell for that town cause I'm going and can pick it up easier than trying to make plans to get something when I wasn't going anyways.  Actually worked well that day cause it was the first of the month so the groceries were 15% off at my grocery store as well.
Anyway the walk was pretty successful, they raised 22,000.  I guess its down from previous years but the economy is too so not surprising.  Wasn't a real well organized walk, you could do 1,4, or 6K but no one kept track or even made sure you did walk.  They sorta had the paths marked but not very well, no one knew where the different lengths started and we knew the path so we were lucky it worked out well.  But they had lunch donated afterwards and it was really nice day so am glad I got to go with friends and walk.  We did the 6k, I probly coulda done more but that was a good walk and I had a blister from my new shoes rubbing where my sock fell down.
(here's the crew of us, and the picture taker I dunno why hes not in the photo)

Anyways I saw a lady advertising a camera like mine with regular lens and a zoom lens, and on the off chance I just asked if she would split them and just sell the zoom.  Took her forever to get back to me but she said she would.  Yay!  Way cheaper than new price so I was super excited!

I hooked it on my camera and needed to try it out right away, not much was around to take pics of but got a few when I got home fixing the fence so the horses could have a bit of grass.
(Bull laying down outside fence)

(wishing I would let him in)

(Closeup of the eye)

(Couple geese I think nesting in bull pasture)

(the one didn't even get up, no nest that I could find)

(our calf that was starving, hes felling fuller now)

(the cow, her bag was really chapped and dry much better now)



(mmm grass)

Turned out the horses hoping to get some fun pics but they couldn't lift up there heads.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I don't know what I would do without zoom. Glad she parted with it for you.

Country Gal said...

I use my telephoto zoom lens all the time it is my favorite lens and wonderful to use for the wild life I photograph lets me get close with out getting close if ya know what I mean lol ! Glad she did that for you , Lovely photos , good going walking the 6k and raising all that $$ for charity . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

Linda said...

I love my zoom! I frequent a FB site from the Hat that has bidding battles and have got some awesome deals there.

Shirley said...

My telephoto lens is the only one I have for my Nikon, the regular lens doesn't work so I have to use my little AW 100 if I want regular type photos. I need a new camera body because the lens works on other cameras, just not on mine.