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Sunday, March 6, 2016


Ugh I hate being sick.  Its only a cold and I totally blame the hubby for it, he come home last weekend with it and shared it with me.  Yay.  Well now for a few days rest and hopefully I will be over it in no time (its already been 5 days) So sad today I had to miss out on the chance to ride the pony with my friends today :(

I went riding Thursday and had a pretty good lesson, the barn was so busy so I never ended up staying long afterwards and got asked about it I guess they all stayed till 5 and left me a beer, darn next time I guess.  I was told to use my feet more even if its wrong get those feet moving.  And I have mostly quit leaning but I still need to keep watching the cow more and stop harder.  Always can stop harder and wait, I'm not very good at wait.  Then Friday I met up with Shirley in Nanton for a short visit while she was on her way through.  Then my friend was is Strathmore so I met her for lunch and we went shopping to the tack stores, never bought anything.  And then she wanted to see Easy so we headed up there.  Wasn't sure if he'd been rode or not but he hadn't so he said I should get on him and he had cows in so we worked cows.  Was super good I dunno what happened but I even picked fast cows and it was good.  He asked if I had been drinking, and no I hadn't haha.

Easy didn't even get upset cause when I went to get him he had just got his supper.  That's his favorite thing.  But next best is working cows and as soon as he saw cows he was his cheerful self again.  His previous owner was there last week and asked if I was gonna pay him more for him now that I like him haha not likely.  And he said I'm riding him too much he likes to be rode one day a week and eat the rest.  I laughed and said wouldn't we all.  Doug just shakes his head and thinks its good for Easy to be rode and he seems to enjoy it, he's bored otherwise just hanging out in his stall or in an outside pen pestering the horses next to him.

Oh well soon he can come home and hang out here with the pony, I'm pretty sure the two of them will have to be in all summer cause they will both get obese otherwise.

Still haven't decided on what I'm gonna do this summer.  I was given the option of just showing once a month and having fun or really going for it and trying for top 5 in my class, he thinks that's possible but then that means I have to go to every show and that gets expensive and time consuming.  Still have a few days to think about it the first summer show isn't till the 15th of April.  I'm kinda leaning towards once a month and take the winter off and then next yea go all out.  I have lots of other things I wanna do this summer to so its hard to just focus on showing.


Linda said...

Hope you get over being sick in a hurry. I wish I could have got away long enough to meet up with Shirley too....maybe this summer we can all get together.

Shirley said...

Hope you feel better soon. Maybe showing once a month this year is a good thing, that way we can plan a get-together where we can come over with our horses.

Country Gal said...

Hope you get better soon . Glad to hear you and your new horse are getting along good . Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Hmmmm. I've been criticized for only riding my horses once a week and told I should ride every day. You got the opposite. I hope you're feeling better.