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Saturday, March 26, 2016

My Week

So last show of the year and I am at home :(  Seems odd but the next show is April 9th near Olds and I guess we will go to that.  Not really sad as there is always lots of shows and I still got to practice.  We worked cows yesterday and it was really a fun day, lots of people there and so got to watch lots too.  Then a storm cloud blew through as we were just finishing and so we put the horses away and went and had coffee.  Was good to visit with some of them as I hadn't seen them in a year and one lady not since a clinic a couple years ago (shes from Sask and has a horse at Doug's he's training)
(the grass is starting to come in, Easy isn't very good about grazing on the lead 
he probly has done it very little but I thought was a nice change for him)

(the goofy peacock was sitting on the truck when I went to leave,
 just watching whats going on)

Today not much going on, we have 4 calves so far, all bulls.  I gotta get a horse in so I can go ride out there and see them, could take Bob but that's not near as fun.  On Monday I plan on bringing in a few, Bailey is going to the vet and so her and Pally will stay in the corral.  And then Thursday I think Easy is coming home :)  That will be lots of fun.  Ill still go over couple times a week for lessons on show weeks and maybe once a week on non show weeks?  I dunno have to decide how its gonna work yet.

I hate to say something too soon, but looks like I sold Bailey if all goes well, they came out Monday and tried her and just loved her, she was really good for not being rode since last August.  her feet are long of course but not chipped off or anything and we just rode her in the arena and down the road, she was so perfect for them.  Id like to get her feet done but depends on when they are coming, waiting on a coggins test takes forever but the farrier is coming between 10-15 of April, whatever day my neighbor tests bull cause he comes to help.

I also planted seeds this week, some have come up, others not quite yet but I'm hopeful.  Got 25 beefsteak tomatoes, 19 watermelon, 6 spearmint, 17 basil, 30 marigolds, 12 jalepeno, 12 Aneheim pepper, 12 Poblano pepper, 6 Serano pepper and 30 poppies.  The poppies must be at leat 20 years old they were my great grampa's and I just found them, but they were dry and so either I get way too many or non we will see.  Got a few more to start but not for another couple weeks, pumpkins, butternut squash and cantelope.  They grow really fast so no more than 3 weeks early for them or they will take over my house.

(marigold, watermelon, herbs)

(Poppies and peppers, they aren't up yet)

Neil's dad came out this week as well, hes working on turning an old tent trailer into a trailer he can use at the museum to haul pumps around on in the Canada Day parade.  It looks a lot better already, this week he got all the lights working and the frame on the sides.  Needs boards yet but almost done.  He only comes out on warm days and the cats pester him haha its so funny.
(oh Ziggy)

(lays down when no one pays him attention, 
he did climb all over Neil but I was laughing to hard to get a picture.  
Neil was laying under the truck and the cat 
comes and lays on him with his butt in Neil's face)

(there's the trailer, 
the other cat was out hunting,
 I wish Ziggy would go to)

Today Neil is curling and I will go to the banquet, if he wins his game at 1 he will be in the finals at 7 and I may stay to watch.


TeresaA said...

There's a lot going on!

Good luck with the curling. Love curling. :)

Shirley said...

Good news about Bailey- she is such a nice horse. Are you going to use Jessie for checking the cows?
I gave up on starting seeds years ago, they just get all leggy and then the stem rots and they fall off. I sow directly in the garden, or buy bedding plants. It will be really cool if the poppies grow. They should, if the seeds were kept dry. I planted some hollyhock seeds that I had for 10 years and they came up.