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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ponies :)

Well been a long boring week here.  Haven't seen my Easy since a week ago Friday :(  Been too sick and tired to actually leave the house except for the bull sale Monday, 2 1/2 hours sitting at the hall was more than enough.

Until today my neighbor wanted to try a saddle to see how it rides and she borrowed Jess and rode around and meanwhile I brushed Dee with the intent of getting on a riding a few minutes to get a video.  Not a chance was way too tired from everything else.  Put them away and just came inside and rested :(  Boo but at least I know I was right to not go riding this week.  I got a doctors appointment on Tuesday but I think I'm getting over it not sure if I'll cancel or not have to see how this weekend goes.

I'd like to go riding Monday but it might be too much of an effort.  Oh well at least I got to see the horses today.  Thought about keeping them in but I don't wanna do chores everyday yet, but at the end of the month Easy comes home (yay) and will have to start then anyways so maybe in another week or so Ill have more energy.

Nice to have a good check on everyone out there they are all fat, except Dee who never gets fat.  The pony is a bit lazy she just trots in when everyone else lopes haha but I saw her do a pretty nice rollback to get out of Dee's way today.  I think if shes not so fat she will be a little more athletic too.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I wonder if you are getting the same strain of flu up there as we are down here. I got a flu shot, but I still managed to catch the flu three times since January. A lot of people can't get rid of the cough. It really drains your energy. I hope you feel better soon.

Shirley said...

I'm glad I didn't catch the bug when I saw you last Friday! Hope you get over it and back to normal soon.
Dee is a nice looking mare.

Linda said...

Terril had a bug last week...I seemed to have missed it👏👏👏. We need to get our horses legged up before calving starts but we've been too busy.

Country Gal said...

I would go to the Dr's and make sure all is ok one never knows better to be safe then sorry later , with your energy level as low as it is may not be the flu at all could be low iron or B12 which does give off symptoms of the flu and lack of energy , Hope you find out and get better soon . Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

Crystal said...

Its not the flu, its a chest cold. I always get a cold in my chest not in my head cause my lungs are not 100% since I was a child. But its been 2 weeks and immensely better since it started. And I wasn't too worried about you getting it Shirley I don't think I was contagious then even or I wouldn't have gone, I've seen lots of people and no one got it that I know of.

lisa said...

Hope you are starting to get better and your energy picks up!