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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Back to Riding

I had listed my barrel saddle for sale and right away a gal messaged me and asked if I would meet her somewhere.  She was from north of Edmonton and I'm in the middle of nowhere so I said sure.  She let me pick the place and so I picked Stettler cause I hardly ever get to go there and its not too far so Sunday I headed up there.  Weather is about the same up there as here but seems like more freezing nights than we had as lots of their sloughs were still frozen and ours aren't.  Neil was also curious about their weather as he wants to go pound posts at our place up there...way to muddy yet.  She was so sure she wanted it, she had gone to the bank and had cash.  She had been looking for a wide saddle for her horse for a long time and this was only the second 10" she had seen so she jumped on it.  She was using a treeless and I asked how they are and she didn't really like them on her round horse with no withers said it just rotated like a bareback pad so she was always adjusting it.  Hope this works better for her.

(looking south towards the trees has snow)

(but looking North not on white spot)

(And all around the sloughs has snow as well)

Then Monday I wanted to go riding but was too tired so I went yesterday.  Still exhausting but I had to go it had been 11 days since I been there and it felt like forever.  Trainer was sick which actually worked really good for me cause i wasn't sure I was up for a lesson.  And glad no one was around cause I fell off!  Really how silly was that???  I went to get on and hes pretty round and I'm pretty unathletic and so my saddle moves a little every time I get on from the ground but usually OK.  But this time I overcompensated and went to far to the other side and before I could get back in the middle he moved away from my weight.  Not really being bad I think I was unbalancing him.   He stood there and waited and I was super glad there was fresh soft sand in the arena.  Well OK I was fine nothing hurt except a broken fingernail (haha) and some sand down my pants, and so readjusted and used the panels to get on.  I woulda done that the first time but they are just leaning against the wall and I don't really like that.  Got on and wasn't sure I was up for him but after lots of trotting he was really good.  He seemed confused by figure 8s but did really good with moving sideways at a diagonal (brain freeze, cant remember what its called)  We did a little loping too and then he seemed tired, faking it I know as he woulda got lots of energy if he had seen cows anywhere.
(of course there was snow in the morning, but it was melting already)

(I love how he meets me at the gate :),
 even when his buddy Kory is trying to get him to play)

(shedding so much )

(hi cutie)

(I sure love this horse, can't wait till he gets to come home)

It was nice I had lots of time afterwards to brush him and surprisingly he is shedding lots even though he looks slick.  I love them sleek-ez they sure work well, I think I might make myself one (too cheap to buy one)  I also brought a lighter blanket cause its spring weather now, although I did leave the winter one there just in case.  Then last night I noticed my ankle was a bit sore and I looked at it and I think I maybe sprained it, it was a little swollen (very little) and still sore this morning so I wrapped it and will rest a couple days and hope it goes away.  Who knew you could sprain your ankle falling off a horse??  Also got one small bruise on my knee but that's not a big deal.


Linda said...

I wish Id'a known you had a barrel saddle for sale...I'm thinking of getting something lighter in weight that my wade. We still haven't got our outside guys in yet and calving will soon be upon us.

4RRanch said...

Glad you are back to riding. Don't you sometimes wish you could see how silly you look at times? I was trying to loung the fresh off my horse and he took off, my top half went faster than my bottom half and I was sure glad for the soft sand too. Hope the sprain isn't too bad.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Isn't it weird how you start finding injuries you didn't know you had as time marches on after a fall? When I was younger, pain just meant pain. It didn't have to result in injury. Now I don't even feel pain and discover that I'm injured.

Shirley said...

Well heck! Glad you felt good enough to ride, but sorry to hear you fell off. At least it wasn't while he was moving! I use the fence mount that Buck taught us whenever I can. I think my horse appreciates it ;0)