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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Feels Like Winter Today

So I got up Wednesday morning and my ankle was still sore and my neck was kinked, not sure if it was from falling off or I slept wrong.  But I called and made a chiro apt for that afternoon which actually worked really well as there was a meeting in Hanna later that night I kinda wanted to go to.

Didn't do much in the daytime and Neil had left fairly early for a bull sale in Stavely, he takes his dad there every year its kinda an outing for them.   Long day but they enjoy it.  Then I figured after my appointment I had 2 1/2 hours to waste so might as well take the bottles in so loaded them up and almost got blown away in the wind.  I got to the chiro and they got me in right away, about 15 minutes early that was unexpected I was planning on reading the coffee news and catching up on whats going on in town.  But not this time.  I told him what I did and he always works on my hips cause they are just a problem child and he said oh ya they were angry.  Which I knew cause it wasn't that great riding last few times, specially if I have to lope a lot I just get tired and sore, been meaning to get in but its about the only reason I go to Hanna and seems a waste for a 5 minute appointment.  Then he did my neck which was out of course.  Then he wanted to look at my ankle, he said it was cranky, so I guess not as bad as the hips lol.  he said its gonna hurt, and he grabbed it and pulled it weirdly and it did hurt but afterwards felt better and today almost back to normal. Yay!  I didn't expect he could do anything for it but I'm glad I went.  I have to go back Tuesday cause after a big smack he always worries it needs a bit more tweaking so I am booked in for then.  Which will be good cause Neil wants his truck serviced and so I get to drive him around, woopee.  Oh and I can go to the bottle depot  cause as I got there they had a sign saying closed March 16-19.  Ugh of course the day I wanted to go.

The meeting was for the local riding and roping club which I have never joined but I have always wanted to rope and they have quiet steers and lots of people learning and besides membership is only $10 and that means I can ride there anytime so I figured I might as well join.  Probly end up helping with a few events they have going on over the summer but that's OK too I don't mind as long as I'm not showing I might as well.
(Today its been snowing on and off)

(and the snow left tree patterns on the ground)

(looked so neat, I've never seen that before)

And today was the dreaded accounting day :(  But since I spent so much of Easy I probly don't have to pay!  Yay who knew he could be a bonus in two ways :)  All good till next year when I sell a pile of horses and will have to pay it eventually, but at least not this year.  So off I go to ride tomorrow, hope my trainer is over his flu but if not I will just be glad to ride and see my boy.  Got to get in 3 more rides and a few more hours to finish the horsemanship challenge which ends on our last show, the 27th


TeresaA said...

the older we get the more maintenance we need. We're having winter weather too but I hope that it goes soon

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That's amazing that you can get in the same day you call for the appointment. I've never seen a chiropractor, but have been considering seeing one. My horse trainer said he sees one every week because he falls off horses and gets bucked and reared around a lot. He used to do rodeos.

Shirley said...

Sounds like you have a really good chiro guy.
I've seen those tree patterns, it's because of the shade of the tree. Pretty neat.
Which horse will you use for roping? I bet it would be really good for Dee.