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Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Walk to The Dugout

Today it started out as a real nice day, sure a change from yesterday that was so cold and windy.  I figured my ankle was pretty well better and Monday is our regular walk day and I wanted to test out how it would be.  Its not bad, I sure coulda picked a better place to walk was a bit tender getting back but a little ice and back to normal.

I figured I'd walk out to the dugout up north its not that far and there is usually some kind of birds up there to take a picture of.  So off I went in my runners, a few spots it was a bit wet for runners but all in all not too bad.  I followed the cow trail as its smoothish and always leads to a dugout.
(this one isn't dirt cause cows aren't in here very long)

Yup sure enough as soon as I got close I could hear honking.  I got a pic then figured a video would be better so you could hear the honking too.  I thought there would be more than one pair, but not this day.
(I seen them, but not before they seen me)

(they are really loud)

Then as I was walking out there I was thinking of Nuzz Muzz who asked me like forever ago what the ground was like since it looks flat.  It is and it isn't.  As I was making sure I didn't step anywhere uneven I got looking at rosebushes and other non poky plants, some tall enough to tickle horses bellies.  Rocks, old roads, gopher holes (with my shadow) and wet spots.  And then as I'm looking elsewhere a white rabbit runs right by my no more than 5 feet away, how did I not see him, he's white!
(there's a valve that we can drain this into the horse pasture if it overfills)



(green on the edges :) )

(a gopher hole, never saw him though)

(the old road, its nice to ride on)


(and a rabbit)

Our grass is not really green, a tinge on the old road of tame grass and the only place the native is green is in the water spots, we need a few more warm days yet.  We should be getting crocuses this week if we get a rain that would sure help.  I gotta get a horse in so I have a reason to go out there and look for them :)  Our cows are ready to move north and unless it gets really bad tonight they are going tomorrow and I wont get to help cause have to go ride Easy if we are gonna show this weekend.
(Looking in the horse pasture, there's a lot of water 
and that's on the other side of the dugout wall, 
guess its wet enough out there no need to drain the other one)

(and I was surprised to find this bit of snow left)

But soon enough, I'm gonna work the arena later this week and then maybe a week Monday get a couple horses in so everything is mostly organized when I get to bring Easy home :)


TeresaA said...

that looks like some great pasture.

Country Gal said...

Glad your able to get out and walk about better now ! Lovely pastures and photos ! Thanks fro sharing , have a good week and Happy Spring to you !

4RRanch said...

Thought the dugout was going to be an old house structure. Ran through the pictures looking for it then had to go back and read it was the pond. We had some freezing rain on the mountain today but no snow.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That rabbit looks huge. I keep finding cottontails leftover from coyotes meals. Your rosebushes are very different from the store bought rose bushes we had in California. Those had super thick stems and thorns.

Linda said...

My mom used to say it was flat as a pancake and there was nothing to see when she came to visit...I always told her she just needed to go for a walk...and we do have hills...not big ones but you still get a workout walking up them.