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Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

We spent the 23rd in Medicine Hat at a funeral for a good friend,  She will be missed.  Cancer sucks.  But she is in a better place now and we will all see her again one day.  While we ere there we finished up our Christmas shopping and then had supper and headed home. 

Sunday we were on our way to Olds after Neil finished chores.  But first our neighbors come and we had coffee and Baileys with them, must have Baileys in all coffee at Christmas time ;)  Then the waterers were frozen so it actually worked well cause they were thawed by the time the neighbors left.  So we packed the truck and off we went.

(Jaret modeling his snowman glasses)

(Tristan modelling Santa glasses)

(Neil and his farmer shirts he loves)

(the sign I made for Jaret)

(Heidi so excited for her new camera)

(Tristan got a Denny's cup, best gift ever for him lol)

(my mom with her anchor socks, she LOVES anchors)

(Neil looking at a gift)

(my Aunt Shirley studying her gift)

(my mom and her knitting bowl)

(Neil with more presents)

(Heidi opening a birthday gift from my aunt, its an unfinished scarf lol)

Was a good day , we opened presents and ate and got stockings and visited and lots of laughing occurred.  I had most of my shopping done early and I really liked that it saved a lot of stress except what shoulda been easy was hard, t-shirts for a teenager, well last place we stopped at had the best ones and they were cheap!  We shoulda gone there first. 
(Cheyanne was pooped)

(Rupert not a fan of the noise)

(me and Neil by the tree)

(aunty Shirley)

(Tristan and Jaret)

(Tristan and Heidi and Jaret)

(my mom and Clint and Cheyenne)

(haha me in my model pose by the tree)

All in all a good day, I took a lot of pics, will share a few here.  Then on the way home we stopped to take pics at the John Deere and Case dealerships who always decorate some farm equipment its pretty cool. 

And then got home at 11 and it was -33*C brrr.  Good thing it warmed up a bit today lol -16*C but still too cold to go for a ride even if it was the first Christmas in my life I coulda.


Shirley said...

Nothing better than spending Christmas with family.
Looks like everyone had an enjoyable time.
Brrr so glad it isn't that cold here!

Mrs Shoes said...

"must have Baileys in all coffee at Christmas time"
Umm... Crystal, I think that is a RULE!? You won't catch me drinking coffee without Irish. Tea, maybe. But not coffee.

WAAY too cold to ride here this week too - like, the horses are giving me side eye BIG TIME too cold.

TeresaA said...

Merry Christmas! I love Baileys in Hot Chocolate.

4RRanch said...

Happy New Year, looks like your Christmas was fun.