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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Life and Christmas

Well I guess I'm here to post again, have been around reading blogs but not a lot to post about here.  I haven't rode in 6 weeks, probly the longest ever since I got a horse back in 2004.  Not sure I like it even though everyone says its good to take a break and its so icy out its pretty well impossible to ride unless I jump on bareback in the field they live in but I don't wanna do that and have 7 loose horses around.  I did get the farrier out to do their feet, hes pretty sure hes not gonna do Jess and Nita's feet next summer when they have foals on them so he plans on coming in late may for their last trim.  I think I can convince him to do them after that in July or August anyways.   Both are pretty good, we will see how they are then, I guess no use worrying about it now.  He also thinks I should breed Nita to his cowhorse/ranch stud.  I'm not sure, I either breed her back or I ride her and maybe sell her not sure which I should do yet.
(Nita is looking good still, I was a little worried about her)

(Jax is just so cute!)

(Rayne looks so big next to Jax lol)

(Happy herd, and glad way more snow has gone than this)

We had the craft sale, it was really bad, I sold $125 worth of stuff, less than half of what I usually sell (which is closer to about 300)  Because the lady in charge of advertising just didn't.  She was supposed to get posters up to all the mailboxes and call in for free advertising on the radio and she did nothing so no-one came besides the people selling and a few others.  So I don't think I will go next year and have started a Facebook group for selling my stuff, been looking around at a few other craft sales that only sell homemade stuff and there is a couple not too far I may try for next year.
(sunrise morning of the craft fair)

I went to a craft night where they were making Grinch trees.  What a fun thing to do :)  I love mine and when I got home I put on the battery lights and its even better :)

Otherwise just getting ready for Christmas, we are going to Olds for Christmas Eve and spending the day with my Mom.  I dunno what else but at least we got that much planned.  I have almost all the gifts done, tried to finish tonight on our way when we went to see the Holiday Train, which was super cool!

Neil is going next week I'm gonna send him with my last 3 items to get, hes trying to get me to go but I'm not sure I wanna.


TeresaA said...

This time of year makes it hard for riding unless you have an indoor. I'm sorry about the craft sale- that sounds so disappointing. Especially when it's due to poor organization.
Have a nice Christmas though

Mrs Shoes said...

I love your little grinch tree!
I'm an Alberta girls & lived most of my life somewhere on the prairies. I don't think people who live where windchill & temps below -25 are not the norm have any real idea about riding in winter - sometimes we HAVE to do it, but those are not usually fun rides. The odd time when the temps come up and the wind is still, I usually try to take advantage, though it doesn't always work out. Mah fat ponehs don't see to lose any sleep. ;-)

Shirley said...

Why would your farrier not want to trim the mares once they have foaled? Doesn't make sense to me; get the foals halter broke at an early age and just hold them while mama gets her feet trimmed. Or have someone there to keep the foals occupied. He must have had some bad experiences with foals or protective mamas. If he wants to breed Nita to his stud maybe he should buy her ;o)

Jax looks like he might be a silver black, at least in that photo.

I hope your Facebook page does well, it sure seems to be a good way to market stuff.