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Friday, October 27, 2017

My Birthday Ride and Rayne

Well it was my birthday today and so I got to do whatever I wanted. Since I was feeling a lot better today finally.  Turns out there was about 6 people who got sick after the party on Sunday, noone wants to say who was sick then and I don't blame them lol.   Did chores this morning and then waited till it got warm enough and thought I should go for a ride.  But I really needed to check the fence in the winter pasture before the horses move there Sunday or Monday.  So I took Jess and we went around it, no reason we can't do 2 things at once.  It wasn't bad, a spot where the bulls went through, a couple wires needed stapled up and a couple posts needed.  But all in all nothing my horses would go though.  The bull spot was covered in panels and Neil plans to fix that this week.  I will nail the staples in and he will pound the posts then I will put the staples in there too.
(Love adding photos to map my run :))

(found a cacti under her belly before I rode, 
glad I looked or I might not have had such a great day)

(Stinkin bulls go right through the fence when the gate was even open)

(I love riding her out :)  I'd like to think she does too )

I got a bike carrier for my birthday I love it!  I been wanting one for a while now so my bike doesn't just get thrown around in the back of the truck and this will work fantastic!

And Shirley was asking about Rayne, well I haven't had much time to do stuff with it being weaning season and all but after Wednesday I think we are pretty well done for the year.  I did figure out she has a lack of respect for space, but that's normal shes young and testing.  She got pretty upset at me the other day when I would not let her eat out of my oat bucket and kept crowding me and of course had nothing with me to chase her away with she eventually turned away and crowhopped.  Just frustrated didn't know how to deal, but not toward me to that is OK, she will learn.  And when she was near me and got chased away when I was opening the gate she ran into me....not acceptable that time I had a lead rope so I just stopped opening the gate and twirled the lead rope it hit her butt and she eventually moved away and I stopped and went back to the gate.  Slower than I normally do of course but I think she was thinking it through.  She is very sweet wants lots of attention so I been giving her a little, after next week I think I am gonna keep her and Jess in and get her ponying and then she can come out and see the big world.  I may take her out on her own as well we will see how much nice weather we get.
(you can see the bite marks on her side, 
apparently not that good at moving out of horses ways either)

(But shes so cute and sweet she will leave her oats to come see me)

I don't wanna do too much too soon but I think she is ready for more so I will probly get her saddled and bridled and long lining and stuff this winter, will wait till spring to actually get on her but lots of stuff to do before then.  I'd also like her to load better so I can haul her to Brooks when I go down there and ride.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Happy birthday!

TeresaA said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a good day and Rayne is so pretty.

Mrs Shoes said...

Belated Happy Birthday Crystal!!
Oooh yes, that little cactus could've made for a helluva ride, not in a good way. Little lesson for us all in that, always always look before latching.
I'm happy you're still getting riding weather - our snow has mostly melted & it's only -1* this morning so I plan for a brisk ride out on the trails today; not even going to pony anybody, just enjoy a good ride on my favourite horse of all time.

4RRanch said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a good day. Always good when you get to ride.

Shirley said...

Nothing like a birthday ride on a good horse!
Rayne is a good looker! That respect thing will come, a few tune ups and she will get it figured.