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Friday, October 13, 2017

Life Keeps on Going, Busy as Ever

We almost have a sidewalk!!  I can't wait till its finally poured.  Maybe Monday or Tuesday depending on the weather.

And the cats what goofs, had just done chores and Copper is a little unsure of the horses but every night when I let them out he stays by the yard gate then they go out and he walks over like he chased them out what a silly cat.  So since it was pretty nice out I thought I would try to get some good pics of him well not so easy I sat on the ground and he was in my face right away.  Got a few funny ones though weird perspective.

(Giant cat)

I got started on my stairs for the deck finally had a decent day after having everyone out for Thanksgiving.  Now its cold again and I'm on my way to Saskatoon for a first aid course but next week sounds like really warm again which is good I have a lot to do still.  But the carpenter came and built the roof over the deck and I got 2 stairs done.

And the horse I went to look at well of course she came home, rarely when I go look at a horse am I not sure I'm gonna buy it.  So let me introduce Rayne of Terriana.  Rayne for short.  Shes just a yearling even though she looks big and I think she will be big. I saw her mom shes a sloid black girl and I mean a solid 15.2 maybe 3 and big.  But shes nice.  so gentle and broke just a nice horse.  And the sire wasn't there but she said hes pretty nice and a good 15 hands.  So tall it is.  But she was so nice.  I went there with my default being no and she just changed my mind right away.  Very friendly, curious and wants to please.  She hasn't had a lot done with her but is halter broke had feet done and she ties.  She let her loose in the round pen and tried to chase her around lol and as soon as Rayne figured it out she did it nicely so that was good.  Went up Tuesday to get her and she just walked into the trailer no big deal.  I like no big deal :)

 Turned her out in the pasture yesterday and all is good, shes used to being the bottom of the totem pole and Easy has taken protective care of her.  A little unsure of our brown grass cause she come from green but that's OK she will be good.

(The whole herd....
Pally, Rayne, George, Jax, Nita, Easy, Razz, and Jessie)

So she's here and I guess I got a new project.  Which will be good, be fun over the winter to play with her.


Sherry Sikstrom said...

Congratulations on Rayne! Oh my you have been busy! Will you be at the tack sale in Stony?

Shirley said...

You sure do fall for that colour/pattern of paint!
She sure looks good, you'll have fun with getting her going.
And I sure would love to have a big pasture like that!

TeresaA said...

Oh my goodness she is so gorgeous! I just love her.

Mrs Shoes said...

If I let Mr Shoes figure out that I know one end of a hammer from another, that would be the end of an era. He'd probably feel like I didn't need him - that's not good for a mans' psyche. So, because I love him so dearly, I let him believe that I'm all Scarlett O'Hara. Good for you though Crystal!
Rayne is a looker too.