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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well my internet has been down forever, well more like 3 days.  I can sorta go on with my phone but its painful.  I been trying to blog about the trip, but its hard when the internet is arguing with me.

Well an interesting week, I looked at that filly I mentioned last time on the internet but never could get a hold of her so I asked Jardi to phone and ask questions. 

Jardi and her dad were going up to Rocky Mountain House Sat to look at a horse Jardi was gonna take in for training and this Sandy called back and so, since she was in Eckville, we thought we would stop on the way home.  Jardi talked to the trainer and he really liked her so that helped too.

Yikes so busy, but she never had an arena so we run her around the round pen and Jardi got on her and walked around and we decide I left a check and we took her home for a week.  She knew Jardi so its not as risky as it sounds.

We got them home and this morning Jardi rode her and put her on the flag and she looked really good.  I got on her and she was soo soft and responsive.  A drop of water from the roof fell on her and she jumped but then went to turn and look at what got her.  So I was happy with that. 

I am going to go to the doctor tomorrow cause I think I have bronchitis or something so Jardi will try her again and then I will go on Tuesday and ride her again and by then I should have a pretty good idea if I want her.

Jardi said so far there is nothing about her she doesn't like, so that makes me feel better.  I didn't really want a baby but she seems like she has so much talent that I wouldn't ever be able to afford her later, so I will probly get Jardi to put lots of rides on her and hopefully I will be able to ride her some too.

The other mare I liked, Karcy, is not for sale anymore, so that takes her out of my calculations even though I woulda been able to show her right away and this filly will be a while, but I think more potential in her.

Her name is Delany and I am not overly fond of that, so I am also thinking I need a new name for her if I pick her, which I am not making a decision yet!  Really I havent decided.  Or so I keep telling myself.


Janice said...

Well not that I'm happy you are having problems with your Internet but I am happy to know it isn't just mine.Sounds like Winter isn't holding you back much. I like that fillies name although with no pics it's hard to tell if it suits her....but I like it.

Rising Rainbow said...

3 days without internet would be forever to me. And I have trouble just trying to make a comment from my phone. Can't imagine a post. No patience, here, and it makes that process hard not to mention that itsy tiny keyboard. :rolls eyes: LOL

Sounds like a very sensible mare. That's good. I like the sound of the name too but whether it fits or not, who knows. If you don't like it, you should change it, I think. Sounds to me like you have made up your mind, though, if you are already thinking about changing her name. LOL

Shirley said...

You know you want her! I'd probably shorten her name to Dell or Della.
I'm having internet issues too, we are probably going to see if we can find another service provider.

CCC said...

So many choices out there, eh?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

She sounds like a nice mare...something you will enjoy. :) I would name her Laney. :)

I hope you don't have bronchitis. I usually end up getting it if I spend a lot of time outside and it's bitter cold. The frigid wind will do a number on the lungs. Thankfully our winter has been fairly mild this year, so I've not had to deal with bronchitis.

Feel better!