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Monday, February 28, 2011

Catching Up

I seem to have been missing out posting, I am working on a few posts but havent finished them yet.  I cant believe I even missed out on Sunday Stills, I had photos of the tv shows we watch and everthing.  Oh well its not all bad, the weather was half decent so I have been riding :)

Saturday I went over to Kand K livestock and only ended up buying the coolest pink bucket ever!  I also bought some treats and a calender, I was thinking I should look at saddles, but Karen was in Olds with the saddles.  Which is probly okay considering I can't buy one till I have a horse sold. 

Afterwards I rode Razz and she just ran through the stop which she has never done before, not sure what was  going on there, but she was also bracing really bad at the corners at a lope and it was horrible.  We put on a twisted wire snaffle and martingale on her and then she was a little better, but she hasnt been like that before, not sure what was going on.  Then I rode Tom cause he was just folowing me everywhere and we had the best ride ever!  We had such a normal trot it was amazing!!  I needed that after Razz too.

On Sunday I put the same twisted wire on her and we had a fantastic ride.  Not sure if it was the bit or she just had a bad day on Saturday, but I was way happier.  We also worked the flag and it was probly her best time yet.  We are gonna have to do a lot more flag work in the next few weeks to get ready for the clinics we are going to.

Glad I got those two rides in though, cause its yucky out today, not sure how it can be windy and foggy at the same time though.  and it sounds like the weather is gonna be bad for a while now.  I am hoping not, but....it sure has been a lot of cold this year.

I also got a call about Gypsy and they are coming to see her on Friday.  Sounds like a good fit, so we will see.


lisa said...

Glad you able to have a good ride. Isn't it amazing how one ride will go great and the next you wonder what side of the corral they got up on. It has been pretty cold here this winter also.

Nan said...

We went out for a short ride on Saturday evening and it was a bad ride for both of us as well. A friend of mine was messing w/ a pony of hers on the same day and he was acting all out of sorts too. I'm glad you did have a good ride though...they sure are encouraging. :)

Country Gal said...

Thats great that you got your rides in before that yukky weather ! Nice photos love the pink bucket! Have a great day !

DayPhoto said...

I'm glad you got your rides in before the storm hit. Just being outside is good...at least I think so.


Shirley said...

You'd think the wind would blow the fog away. Hope the sale goes through for Gypsy, then you can really go saddle shopping.