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Friday, March 16, 2012

All Trimmed Up

So yesterday I got my new tires.  They are so grippy and rubbery smelling :)  I am so glad I got them, even though I think tires should last for more than 50, 000 km, I guess the tire people don't so it was time.

And when I got to the barn yesterday it was crazy busy!  There was about 10 other peole there taking kids for rides, then Lu came then the lesson girl came.  It was so unexpected cause we are ussually the only ones there.  So since it was so busy to ride and all week long I have been thinking of trimming Jessie's legs, I did.  I imagine she has been trimmed before but I don't know for sure but she was sooo good.  I didn't even have her tied up and she just stood there even when other people would walk by. 

Looks so different now, and so much prettier, except the lump on her leg sticks out more, but I will keep boots on her this weekend so it won't look as bad.  I forgot to get a before picture, but the amount of hair that came off was amazing!  You can see all the hair on the floor, it was crazy.  I also did her face, just all the long hairs under her jaw and she looks so nice now :)  We did ride afterwrds, but it was kinda a short ride cause I was tired from standing on my head to trim her legs.

I am so excited for this weekend, it should be a lot of fun, Everyone I tell about the clinic thinks it should be a good one and I hope so.  It will be kinda fun cause there are 3 of us(that I know) going together so that will be nice.  I wonder how many people from last year will be there? 


lisa said...

I sure wish you luck! I would hate to think how much hair I would get if I did the same ;)

fernvalley01 said...

yay for new tires, and getting your pony slicked up too