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Friday, March 2, 2012


Wednesday night we went and worked cows.  It wasn't good.   Doug was a lot harder on us, not sure if its cause we are entered in a show this weekend or cause he is more stressed out cause he has a big show going on in a few weeks.   But I was better at keeping my hand on the horn and legs under me which I had been practicing. But I am having trouble getting her to push off the cow and still stop when the cow stops.  And when we go around the pen I always tend to get ahead of the cow.  So I asked lots of questions and hopefully tonight and tomorow we will be better.  And Sunday.

We were supposed to work buffalo last night but Greg got busy so we just had an easy ride.  I was tired and I don't think Jessie was but still good to have an easy ride sometimes too.  I like hauling her different places too cause it doesn't bother her, she looks around but just goes to work.  Although at Gregs they have thier cows outside the arena and they were moving some into the corrals as we were riding and everytime the horses heard them moo, they looked.  I don't think they would appreciate us working thier uber pregnant cows though, lol.  But the horses wanted too.

I finally caved and put a blanket on Jessie.  It has been colder at night and she is shedding like crazy, which I hope keeps up, so a blanket it is.  I was a little worried she would be too warm but so far hasn't seemed to.  I love the blankets with the neck, I don't think I ever want another one without.  They sweat so much on the neck and so if they don't have all the winter hair grown there has to be better.  And besides they look so cozy in them.

I had to take a couple close ups of her face cause she looks old with all the white hair mixed in with the sorrel hairs.  So cute.  And a couple of her in her blanket, even though its uneven cause she been rolling.


Janice said...

Cute. I can't get over how snowless it is there.

Country Gal said...

Aww she does look cozy ! Here we have no snow actually it is to be a thunderstorm this even here ! Weird weather for Ontario ! Have a good day !

fernvalley01 said...

She looks snug as a bug. Doug pushing you , is good I hope , sounds like you are doing well

Linda said...

The thing I hate about blankets.......is fixing them when they catch on something. I had a full time job doing that one winter.