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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Day at the Barn

Well today I headed out to see Jessie and since both Shirley and Linda suggested I ride bareback to let her heal from the cinch sore.  I am quite unbalanced, but whatever, might as well try it.  But first I thought I should ride her with the saddle cause I thought she might be full of energy but she wasn't too bad.  But it also was wet and quite deep from being just watered and worked.  So after about 20 minutes I stop by the mounting block and unsaddled her and then got back on.  It was awkward.  I feel like her skin is moving all over and I move with it.  But we rode at a walk about 5 minutes or so and I figured I better get off before I fall off.  I may do it a little more just to get a little more confident and she was really good about it too.  I had to take a pic of her as a ranch horse, doesn't seem to look as good as the cutting saddle on her.

I took a pic to enter in the fuzzy butt contest on facebook.

Then afterwards I put MTG on her cinch spot and boy I forgot how it stinks!  But it should work its a fungicide.  And her gall looks better, but it still is sore. 

I also treated her feet again and fed her (her favorite part, lol) and back out to eat again she went.

Its hard to see in this pic, but they are tearing out all the board fence and putting in steel posts and top pipe and cable underneath.  Should be pretty nice when its done.  And taller than the wood ones.


fernvalley01 said...

I am afraid it has been so long since I rode bareback I would slide right off! Should practice it some this year

Shirley said...

Riding bareback is a great way to get your balance back, and it really makes you think about body position and how you affect your horse's balance.