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Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Horses....and Cows

So it seems like we are officially back in business, the cow/calf business that is.  Actually for a couple days now and don't know why this heifer was so early, they should maybe be starting this weekend and noone else looks close, but its alive and healthy so who are we to complain.

And so cute.  I don't understand how such cute little calves can grow up to be cows.  Just cows.  not cute anymore just a cow. 

And while I was out there checking heifers I thought I should check on the ponies too, or rather they thought they should check on me ;)  And they look good, enjoying the bale I am sure.  And they don't even look as thin as they did the other day, actually there really is only 2 on the thin side and I realized later it was the two that have never spent a winter foraging for themselves. 
(a not thin Bailey, comin to see me)

I was kinda suspicious when the youngest (Jazz) and the oldest (Disco) were fat.  Then it came to me.  It was a pretty easy winter and lots of grass out there, no reason to be thin.  Until I decided they just didn't know there was no other food coming.  But now they look good and we will keep feeding them for a while till the grass grows probly.   Then I will probly end up feeding some anyways cause I will have them in to ride.  Might just switch them out every few weeks and so I am not riding them all at one time.
(a horrible pic of one of the thin ones)

And while I was out there I had a pretty good look at everyones feet and most of them look good and short, except the two that never got trimmed last fall.  November I think it was last time.  And unfortunatly Jazz probly won't get done this time either cause I have nowhere to work with her and she needs work before I attempt to get her feet done again.
(odd pic of George and his feet)

And then after I was out there and everything looked fine, I look out a couple hours later and the horses were in the calf corral!  Not impressed.  So I go and chase them out (it was easy they knew they weren't supposed to be in there)  and go find out how they got in.
(a not thin Belle, she takes good pictures)

Turns out Neil never tied the gate rope right between the horse pasture and the calves and the calves just rubbed it off.  The rope was laying on the ground still tied up.  That made me upset cause it was useless.  So I locked the calves in and opened the gate and the horses ran back and I fixed the gate better, no calves will rub it open again.  No wonder I am partial to wire gate closers, even if they are harder to close they STAY closed!
(I find it hard to get good pics of Razz, not sure why but this is probly the best one I have)

And then it was all fine and I went to go riding and left a little early and get no more than a quarter mile down the road and I have a flat tire! AHH  I shoulda just stayed in bed.  So I get that all fixed and call the tire place and this afternoon I am getting new tires.  I had been putting it off cause Neil was gonna organize it but I am sick of changing tires every week or so cause they are wore out.

Jazz stands so close all the time and she sure wants me to pet/scratch her all the time, so I usually do, even on her nose which she doesn't really like, but she doesn't leave so I just so it a little everytime and she is getting better about it.  Sure wish I had somewhere so I could do some work with her, but her leading skills are not real good yet so I am pretty sure I couldn't convince her to leave the other horses and so I am not even gonna try till I know I can succeed.

(Kals looks good, I think she is enjoying her time off)


Shirley said...

What is it with you and flat tires! Must be all the gravel roads that are so hard on them.

fernvalley01 said...

frustrating about the gate! I prefer the metal gate closers , ropes never seem to last

Linda said...

I heard that cows were calving earlier than they should this year....in fact we're in the process as I type and it'll be at least two weeks early.

Country Gal said...

Oh the flat tire would of done it after all that, hands in the air thing a few choice words and that would it for me lol ! I dont like days like this I always say I should of never got out of bed when a day like what you had happens ! Hope your days ahead get better ! Cute calf guess its almost time for more little ones there on the ranch !