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Friday, March 9, 2012

Central VS Alberta

So this year there has been lots of talk about which cutting club we are gonna show in.  I was told that the ACHA (Alberta Cutting Horse Association) is who we want to be with if we really want to be competitive.  But we were also told the CACHC (Central Alberta Cutting Horse Club)  is better for beginners, the classes are smaller and the people are friendly. 

This last show was non sanctioned, meaning anyone who paid the entry fee can cut.  I am still learning what this all means, glad we are with a trainer who will help us.  Doug actually said if we want to do anything serious in cutting we should be part of the ACHA, so I was kinda thinking now that I have a decent horse I would like to do that. I was thinking CACHC would be more fun and less stressful.  But this last weekend we learned the big difference between them is the help in a herd.  All the good trainers go to the ACHA so they are there to help at any show which is super helpful.  They just jump in and help everyone without need to ask and I really appreciated it.  I guess in the Central club they have whoever shows up to be turnback riders.  I'm pretty sure I would have had a disaster Sunday if I didn't have turnback helping me like they did.

We thought maybe Doug was biased cause Shauna (his wife) is secretary of the ACHA but now I can see what he means and I think even if he is not at a show there would be lots of help.  The first sanctioned show is April 7/8 at Thorlacksons and he will still be in Texas at the Superstakes.  Not gonna go to that one as Doug will be gone and it is over Easter weekend.  The next one I go to will probly be in Stavely at the Silver Slate Arena on the 20-22 of April.  Seems like such a long time, but I have the clinic next weekend so it won't be too bad.  Hopefully can get lots of lessons in in the meantime.

I am also learning what the letters after she shows mean and LAE means limited age events just not sure what that means, but not applicible to me anyways.    I think (not sure) that WE means weekend events by the NCHA.  It is kinda cool looking on the NCHA site at weekend events, there are so many events held every weekend.  Not very many held in Canada and it looks like only held in Alberta, can't see any in any other province.  So now I am a member of the ACHA and the NCHA, not sure if I need to become a member of the CCHA (canadian cutting horse association)....its so complicated.


fernvalley01 said...

would make my head spin!

Shirley said...

It's all a big learning curve. The main thing is that you keep on enjoying and learning.