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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


So I been thinking a lot about what to do with Easy.  My options are send him to Doug's and he can live there during show season, it would work but be a lot more expensive.  Or I can just pony him everywhere unless I can ride at home cause he's good to ride alone.  Or I can haul 3 and he can always have a buddy.  Or I think if I haul to Brooks and I'm alone when I ride Jess (which is most of the time there) I can just let him loose.  He's not crazy and neither is she will will work on just walk at first work our way up to trot and we will see about a lope after that.  I think he will be fine and if comes along with us just more exercise for him lol.  One thing I'm not gonna do is to tie him where there is anything he can get caught on.  I used to have an overhead tie place but we took it down cause was in the way, wonder if I can talk Neil into putting it back up somewhere....but where??
(The side scrape, looks bad but the least of our worries)

(and the front scrapes, they are the worrysome ones)

(and the swelling in the fetlock is gone down from yesterday, bad angle from the other foot tho)

I'm sure he hasn't seen hobbles and I'm not even sure that would help at this point, he can still rear and buck with them on and so not really a feasable option.  I've also talked to someone and have a calming spray but since he's kinda calm the rest of the time they figure it probly won't do much but I may try anyways.
(I like this purple one on Jess)

(not as sure about this one but I like the colorful noseband)

But today I went out there caught both and Easy was bobbing his head around like a goof not leaving just being weird.  I don't think he liked the drugs in his mouth.  I just waited and he quit and was good again for me giving them, just his way of saying he doesn't really want them I think.  But he needs them today at least, it's just bute so a painkiller for another day or so.
(our dugout is a bit full lol)

Then I finally tried on the halters Shirley made for me.  I got to get another rope for the teal one, I was using that purple rope on Easy before so that was handy.  Not sure which I will use on them but they are nice.

I just gooped up tails and brushed them and manes out today and that was about it.  Sun was shining and it was warm in the truck but still felt cold outside.  Tomorrow is another day have to see what I can come up with to do then lol.  I'm not very good at doing not riding stuff.  And I feel bad just giving his drugs and leaving.


TeresaA said...

It's a real quandary- I hope that you find a solution that works out for you.

4RRanch said...

Glad he is getting better, tough choice though on what to do.

Shirley said...

Did the vet say anything about cold hosing the swellings? Although kind of not nice to do in cold weather.
Glad the halters fit, you did ask for purple and green. I think they both look good but the purple is prettier for a mare.

Mrs Shoes said...

I have a good-as-gold mare who occasionally used to throw herself on the end of a tie for no reason I could see and at random moments. There was no predicting when, why, or if.
I just couldn't take it.
She spent the better part of a summer tied short until the behaviour eventually disappeared.
She also came to me with the bad habit of too quickly snatching up only the left hind (all others given gently) when asked for it; seeing the end of that also took the better part of a summer calmly asking for her foot over & over until the over-reaction faded away.
I like those highline ties, always wanted to install a couple on our trailer.