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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Canada Day 2014

The day after the last branding I went and helped my neighbor cut out her 2 year old heifers and calves and move them across the road.  She was taking the rest home to AI and the 2 year olds were going out with a bull.  It was good, we could only get a couple at a time cut out and we put them in the corral and then moved them out when we had all she wanted.  Then we could not get the cows into the corrals, she had 2 kids helping and they are good help but still learning and the cows did not want to move, so we quit for the day.  I was tired after 2 long days but I really enjoyed it.

After that I headed to Calgary for 3 days cause my sister had eye surgery and had to have company for 24 hours after surgery and so it was a nice vacation for me as well.  I went the afternoon before her surgery cause her youngest boy was graduating grade 6.  That was a fun grad.  I also had a check up with my dentist that did my root canal and he said the gum had grown almost all the way in, I was surprised about that and it looks good but the filling was cracked on one end so I will get my regular dentist to fix it.
 (love this big old tree gives lots of shade)

(Lots of people there, I would guess a couple hundred, maybe 3)

(the old barn and windmill, I think its a little unfair the museum has a nicer barn than me)

Then a couple days of rain and wind let me catch up on stuff at home and yesterday was Canada Day and we headed down to Brooks to go to the Museum and Neil and his Dad and Cousin George drove tractors in the parade.  I like Pancake breakfasts too so its good.  I wanted to bring my pony down but Neil said only tractors :(
(someones old beautiful car)

(the caboose on rails and the speed car they were giving rides in)

Lots of stuff at this museum the put a lot of work into fixing stuff up and collecting stuff for it.
 (cousin George on a John Deere Row cropper)

(the RCMP got a ride in the wagon)

(Neil on An Alice Chalmers Row Cropper pulling a water pump)

(A Cockshutt pulling the Sheep Wagon Neils Dad and a friend built over the winter)

And Parade Pics are always fun to get too.And a couple videos of the parade, tried to get it all in one but they had a tractor stalling and so had a pause so its in two pieces now.

(the tractors don't always back in well so this is how they do it)

And then we went afterwards to Neil's Mom and Dads and his sister come over and we had a BBQ and cards and a drink it was a good afternoon.  And on the way home I heard this so I had to get a rocket pop :)

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Shirley said...

Definitely a guy kind of day!
I like that sheep wagon.