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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jessie Drags Her First Calf

Wednesday was our last branding of the year, they start calving over a month after us so the calves are about the same size as ours when they brand and still a couple new ones.  It was a hot day as it usually is at their branding but they kept working short and beer plentiful so it was good.  I took Jessie for the roundup, only been there once before and it was good so we went and I was a little late and they were just getting on their horses and riding out, no biggie, Jess was saddled so I just got her saddle tightened and put on her bridle got on and we trotted off to catch up.  The cows were pretty fast and heading to the far corner so they turned them and then they headed to corrals which was nice....kinda.  They have a big wing and so we had to chase them around the wing, sill cows.  A young calf wouldn't move and we couldn't chase it, I'm still teaching Jessie to push calves with her legs she doesn't like to and so I just took a step and the calf followed me, so I kept going and led him in the corral,  it was cute.

(this grey horse was so funny, one tall patch of grass in the corral
 and she went over it ever time she drug a calf in and
 had a bite to eat without stopping)

(The whole crew when no calves were down)

(I love the way he and his horse work could watch them all day)

There was a few dry cows and some yearlings he wanted cut out so we did that and then sorted cows and calves and then waited for the rest of the crew, rode a couple hours and it was good, Jess looses patience when we are standing in the cows but its good for her to do that.  We had an incident with a cow while sorting, she didn't want to go out the gate and started turning back and saw the guy on the ground with the stick so she spun back the other way right into Jessie.  She run out the gate after that, lol but Jess was a little concerned cause that doesn't usually happen to us (if ever)But she was fine, watched a little more when we got close for a while though.
(Jess just watching)

(Chasing them out when we were done)

We started branding and I was vaccinating and after the second break Michelle was changing horses and I asked her if she wanted to rope off Jessie, she said she had Chewy so was OK unless I wanted her to and I kinda did so I said and so I got her and she saddled her and got on and I thought Jessie would be fine but first thing she did was smack the rope on her leg and it was kinda loud and Jess jumped and was all goofy about it so she keep doing it and she didn't really relax but was fine when she did her neck or butt  so she uncoiled and then threw the rope in front of her and Jess just watched didn't move and then she coiled it in front of her and accidentally flipped it up and it hit Jess nose and she didn't even flinch.  So she said I guess just gotta go try it.  So we had a bit more time and so quit for a while and had more beer (and water cause it was hot) and some pepperoni sticks and peanuts :)
(First look into the herd)

(she caught one)

(Dragging it in)

(and letting go, pretty good for her first time, they both are looking at me, lol)

Then we went it and Jess just walked in the herd, Michelle said she was a little fidgety but she caught  a little one and drug it in and Jess just done it, she said she wasn't sure she even knew what she was doing, lol.  So she did a few more little ones then went for a bigger one so she could really pull and she did, head down and relaxed.  Even had to hold one and wait for wrastlers and not a big deal.  I was pretty happy with her :)  I only got a few pics between when I wasn't busy vaccinating but I am glad I asked her cause shes so calm and drug a million calves in so much better experience than if I were to try.
(I love this picture, her third calf I think and she just looks so relaxed)

After the branding she wanted to load her up and take her home, haha another Jessie Fan :)


Shirley said...

Awww good girl Jessie! You sure have a nice mare.

Cindy D. said...

That is so cool! Good Job Jessie!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Hurray for Jessie!

fernvalley01 said...

Atta girl Jesse!

lisa said...

That is fabulous, Jesse!