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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pony Update

I have been riding, mostly everyday and only Jessie.  I try to go for about a 4 mile ride in about 40 minutes.  I am good about the time, but the mileage I am usually a little short, somehow on my way home its shorter than the way out so I gotta go till I'm at least 2 1/2 miles from home and that might get me to 4 by home.
(they all eat together so thats good they get along now)

(I let Jess graze the yard after we ride as a treat)

I been using my map my run app to track where and how long we were gone.  I love it.  I try to make a different circle everyday, sometimes north, sometimes south and sometimes east.  I rarely go west cause I would have to ride beside where my other horses are in the pasture and I think Jess would do it fine she would just be drawn to them like a magnet and actually be harder work for me.
(The other two hooligans)

(Cant keep them away)

(hard to get pics when so close)

We mostly trot as soon as we leave the hay corral.  We trot for at least half mile then I let her walk.  Most times shes kinda lazy at a walk and just moseys along and kinda angles towards the fence no matter where it goes, but at a trot I can keep her attention better and have no problem going in a straight line towards where I want.  But I want to get there at a walk too so we do walk and when she tries to angle off, I make a big deal of moving her back sideways like a sidepass while walking (I am having a brainfart as to what its called right now) rather than just pick up on her and direct her straight with my reins I use my legs and its coming but super slowly.
(Dee feet still need a little work)

(But Razz's are almost perfect :) )

We do lope some but not a lot as I been trying to still get her to stop good and the ground is just not meant for stopping like that on the prairie.  I do ask her from the trot and she is good at doing it every time so that's what we do.  
(Even the pasture horses want in, mostly to get away from bugs I think)

I haven't gotten to riding Dee and Razz regular yet although my nephews are coming out next week and probly wanna ride Jessie so I guess I will have to if we are gonna actually go somewhere, so that is my goal this week.  

I am also entered in a few clinics in August that I wanna take Dee to so I should do something before then as well.  One is Aug 9th, same guy we went to last fall when I took Jess.  And another is a neighbor girl who moved to Turner Valley and runs a barn out there, I have never been to one of her clinics before but it sounds like lots of fun and its the 12-15th so right after the other one, I'm pretty excited to go.

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Shirley said...

I think the term you were looking for is either two track, or half pass.
Razz's mane sure is long- pretty!
What are your long term plans for Dee?