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Thursday, July 17, 2014


I guess our last full moon was a super moon, I didnt know that but it was big and pretty close.  I really like the moon and so I went out the night before it was full and got a few good ones, can hardly tell it wasnt full.

The next night I was a little sooner to get out and saw it a little lower. I tried to get it over the shed and I did, it was kinda cool.

Never did go riding under it, but next month maybe, it was super hot out and I went after I took these pics but it started clouding up.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Nice! I like the one with the hay in the foreground. I think I would pull one of the orange colors from the foreground and pour it into the moon. The photo has an interesting layout, and then if the color of the moon came across as being slightly unnatural, it would really draw the eye in.

CDH said...

Next month is another super moon, then another after that!
When the moon was coming up over the bluffs, you could have touched it I swear!
And orange, it was amazing!

aurora said...

Nice shots!