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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monday and Tuesday

Yesterday we headed to town and watched our heifers get sold.  It was awful early, somehow Neil picked number 2 in the sale and so we were done by 10:30.  Then we sat there and watched 3 of our neighbors sell till about noon, then we went for lunch.  Seemed to early to be done.

But that was alright cause then we headed down to get new phones.  I really liked my blackberry till about last month when it just quit on me.  Would just shut off and take like 6 hours to reset and they said it would have to be sent away for repairs, so since we were almost at contract renewal I got a new one instead.  I had no idea what one I wanted, I was looking at the windows phone and kinda liked it, but he only had the Nokia with windows and wasn't sure I wanted that,  I knew I never wanted the iPhone and so I  picked the Samsung Galaxy 3 and so far I am loving it.  But not sure if that's cause it is new and has all kinds of fun things on it or if it really is that cool.  But it doesn't matter, cause I am gonna keep it anyways, lol.
(was foggy this morning but almost quiet around here now)
After 2 or so hours there, we stopped at the plumbers but he doesn't have what we wanted and so we went to the grocery store and Timmies and headed home.  Was nice to get home at a decent time.  We got the auction mart to fax us the averages of the sale so we could price our steers and he called about half hour after we got home.

Today I just kinda cleaned up the house and Neil helped neighbors wean. I thought I heard him coming home, but turns out wasn't him, saw helicopters fly over us again, sure was loud!  They look so weird with 2 propellers, I think they must be army.


Cheyenne said...

Looks like a pretty dank day, I hate those dull days. I thought you were gonna say he was comin home in the helicopter!

Country Gal said...

Nice photos ! Sounds like a cool new phone you got ! The helicopter looks like our rescue one ! If it was yellow it might be water rescue and if it was orange with grey belly it might be land rescue. I have a cousin who is chopper rescue way up north here in Ontario lol ! Have a good day !