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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Community Pasture Ride

Monday morning I got up way too early for me, lol, about 6 and went to feed the ponies, it was still dark out and I was tired so I went back to bed till 7.  Then since we had to be at the community pasture by 8 I went out about 7:30 to saddle and load my horse, luckily my trailer was still hooked up and lots of gas in the truck and it was sorta light out.

I usually really  enjoy riding up there, but I was so tired all I could think of was getting done so I could get home and go back to bed.  But I knew it doesn't take too long, so just gotta go with it.  And there is always good company on the way out to the cows its pleasant.

It went pretty smoothly, the lake is pretty full so the cows just follow the edge of it and we stay on the other side.  There was one cow that tried to leave the country but we got her back and after that went good.

  We had them in the smaller pen and saw there was a few on the island in the lake so Rob and one other guy went to get them and they realized they were all the same owners cows so we pushed them in the corral and they come up after us in a different pen, worked really slick.

We had them in about 11 and then started sorting.  One persons cows were already sorted them selves and so only us and 2 others to sort.  It went really quick and as they were loading cattle, I loaded up Razz and George and headed home.  I had just got the horses unsaddled and turned out and cleaned out the trailer when Neil drove in with his first load.  Since he has to go back for one more load and show the liner where to go I made him a quick lunch and brought it out for him.   Then I could sit back relaz and do nothing till they got back again in a hour and a half.


Cindy Durham said...

I want your "Job" :)

Country Gal said...

I would love to be able to to that ! Lovely photos hope you get your rest after all that ! Have a good day !

fernvalley01 said...

good days work

Shirley said...

That went pretty slick, gotta love cooperative cows.