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Sunday, October 28, 2012


So today was the day we weaned our calves.  It is kinds noisy around here now, probly a couple days at least.  Was a pretty nice day out, I was a little concerned cause it started out kinda chilly and windy.  But by lunch it was above freezing out so that was nice.
(settling in)
We had 3 neighbors come help as well as Neil's mom and dad came out.  I ended up staying in the house which was unexpected (and I was happy about :) cause otherwise Neil's mom would be inside alone.  So we spent the morning cooking and chatting.  I was kinda glad cause sometimes too many people trying to make choices outside and it really irritates me.  So didn't have to hear anything and got to sty warm as well.
(found the hay)
We sold our steers to the neighbor, he is gonna feed them out till Feb at a feedlot then sell them as grassers.  We kept half our heifers for replacements (I hope we don't breed them all, but since no one listens to me we probly will) and hauled the others down to Brooks for the sale tomorrow.
(loading steers)
Before they loaded the calves, they all come in for lunch of ham, scalloped potatoes and salad and buns, and pumpkin raisin bars for desert, mmm.  Oh and of course a drink to warm up with.  We had a good visit about all the old weanings and how cold it would be.  Some good stories sure came out.  It was  a little longer break cause we had a pair of the neighbors that was delivered and so we had to wait on him to return.
(I like her )
Now the calves at home are settling in, most laying in the straw and a few trying out the hay.  We pretty much ignore them the first couple days, just make sure they are not sick and are drinking and then if a week or 10 days they will all get vaccinated and ivormeced.  Then they will be good for all winter just check for sick ones for a couple weeks.
(Sad moms)
We had one black heifer that I tried to talk Neil into keeping, but he said no:(  But maybe next time we get a black one I will start sooner on convincing him :)


fernvalley01 said...

What is it about those black heifers, I always wanted a herd of black baldies, had about 10 heifers picked out of a group of grassers one year, and while i was fixing lunch and "executive decision' was made and my heifers went on the truck!!!

lisa said...

When the hubby worked for a farmer that had a feed to finish, we would get in a set of new steers and they would beller for a few days, what a racket!