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Thursday, May 9, 2013

And Another Change of Plans

I gave Jess Monday off after the show cause I was exhausted and I think she probly needed a day off as well.  And I needed a say away from her to rethink and not be so disappointing   I feel like I lost a lot of trust in her over the weekend, kinda awful when I try to do it right and she just does whatever she wants.  But then Tuesday I went out through the bull field and out to where our cows are.  Neil was moving cows but he was at the gate before I saw him so I never got to help.  He hadn't planned on it, but 20 cows without calves were just standing close to the gate so he moved them so it is easier to check on them without looking through all the ones that have calves already.

It was a good ride took over an hour, we walked and trotted through the summer fallow field then walked over to where the cows were, some thought they should leave but most just watched us making sure we aren't chasing them or their calves.  She was so good and just walked out in a fairly straight line and was moving off my leg when I asked.  I was happy with her again, at least for a outside horse.

Then yesterday I went for a lesson and we got chatting about what is the best for us cause what we are doing now is not working.  Jessie is not finished and Doug said he showed her as a 3 year old and only once as a 4 year old so she does not have a lot of show experience.  And neither do I so putting us together is just not working.  He figures I have 2 options....

1.  I can sell her for about 13 000 (he says he can find a buyer tom) and then buy a finished just go out and show and win for 30, 000.  I said no way can I afford that and he said maybe something for 20.  Well that is still another 7000 that I don't really have to spend on a horse and still have to take lessons.  Although I did find this cute gelding on Northern this morning for 20 and he has lots of earning should be pretty good even though he is only 5.  Tempting!

or 2.  I can put her in training, probly about 5 months and he will ride her and maybe his assistant will show her.  He will let her show but if she needs schooling in a show he will do that too.  That also gets expensive but will be cheaper than buying a horse and he really likes my mare and thinks we can do good together.  So I guess that is what we will do.  I will keep taking lessons until the end of the month and the leave her there and will still go take lessons while she is there as well.

We worked the flag and it went good, wish they had flag shows, lol we would be so good!  And I will go back Friday and hopefully work cows.  I also got thinking I am having a hard time stopping my body when we work cows, my brain says stop but I cant relax enough in my body so I have to work on that.

And today had a nice ride on her again, went out north and checked the fence.   Then I seen a patch of crocus and it made me think of Shirley and her dandelions so I came back with my camera and took Jess out there for her photo shoot by the crocus :)


Louisa Valentina; said...

She looks so pretty in the crocus!

Sigh.. what a hard decision hey? This is why I'm struggling so hard to get my foot in the door of cutting, the money is outrageous! I had my first lesson on cows the other day and couldn't help but sob inside as I handed over my lesson fee by the end of the day. During your lessons does he ever jump on and ride her, or will he only ever do that during training? I feel like if you buy a finished horse you'll only get better, but then a couple months, or whatever, down the road you'll be good/confident enough to ride Jess.. and then you'll want her back. Tough decisions.

Cindy D. said...

Well at least you have a plan now, and it sounds like a good one.

Crystal said...

He does get on her occasionally at lessons, usually when just before a show. But its just not enough, my timing is just not quick enough for her and so someone has to get her solid in the show pen I think. I just hope after the training she will be what I am looking for.

cdncowgirl said...

Oh I like that gelding (and his Grandsire is HBC!) But then again I like your girl too.

Is there any way you could lease a finished horse for a bit? To get experience on?

I'm waiting for our trees to leaf out and the lilac hedge to bloom, hope to get some nice pics there (and yes,Shirley's darn dandelions inspired me too lol)

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I read back on how your show went and that is rough.

When I worked for that cutting horse trainer (years and years ago), most of our clients kept their horses in regular training, came out and took a lesson or two a week and then got to show their horse, along with the trainer/assistant trainer. The ammy classes were at the end, so the horses were usually really tuned up and ready to work, which helped the ammy's out a lot. Hopefully you will get to keep practicing and showing while she is in training. :-)

Shirley said...

I like that you decided to put more training into your mare instead of starting all over again. She's a nice mare, and you have to learn the game too, so this looks like sound reasoning to me.