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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Branding Season

So its has officially started.  We are now into branding season. I went to my first one here yesterday.  I took Jessie and she was good.  Not fast, but really well behaved.  I say not fast cause a  calf got away and we were running after it and we just couldn't seem to get around it, but we did get it in with another calf and a few cows that run back too.  We sorted in the pen and I stayed on Jess and she was a little flustered with all them cows and calves in the pen all around er, but she stayed calm and did her job.  Then we took all the cows through the underpass of the highway and vaccinated them and brought them back and then went to branding.  Which they don't brand or castrate cause they are purebreds, but we vaccinated and ear tagged.  I was tired when we got home that night though.  And Jess probly thought it was weird cause I put her in the trailer when we were done cause it was raining a little and I didn't want my saddle wet but she ended up in there for like 4 hours.  I think she musta slept the whole time cause she wasn't even in a hurry to get out when we finally got home.  I been hosing her burned leg and gave her a couple shots of penicillin and it seems like her leg is tender if I touch it but otherwise she seems fine on it.

Glad I went to a lesson on Monday cause it looks like it will be a while till I get to go again.  Doug is going away for 7 days and so I am keeping Jess at home in shape till he gets back, no point in having her over there just sitting, so I get more chance to take her to brandings and stuff this year :)  But that also means I am gonna miss the Olds show on the 8/9th of June but that is kind of a relief cause we are so busy these next 2 weeks I don't need that extra stress.  We have another branding tonight, then tomorrow morning we are retesting our 2 bulls that never tested then Neil is taking them to town with 3 cull cows if they don't test and then we have to go branding at 3.  Friday Neil is taking another bull to get his feet done and I am building deck and cooking for branding and we got to get our cows moved to our branding pasture cause Neil wants to ride his horse before it really matters this year, and I might take Bailey, she is who I was gonna ride all summer and still will after Jess goes. Saturday I think I am going to my Moms for a scrap booking, its actually Fri and Sat but I cant take 2 days and go this time of year so I will go for one.  Then Monday a neighbor is branding his 14 in the morning and we are branding in the afternoon.  Tuesday is another branding, and then Wednesday is another branding and then Thursday Jazz is going to the trainer and both Friday and Saturday are more brandings.  Whew.  But after that there is only 3 more we need to go to, the 22, the 26th and not sure on the last one.  I only get to ride at the branding on ours, and wed and Friday next week.  Oh and probly 2 of the later ones.  I really only like to go to ones I can ride at ;)  But go to the others anyways, lol.

Other than that not much is going on here, no time for anything else right now I guess anyways, but lots of visiting and I love seeing the neighbors and catching up from last year.


Cindy D. said...

"Other than that not much going on here..." Isn't that enough?

I'm out of breath just reading about it all.
Are you planning on sleeping at all during that time frame?

Marissa Rose said...

Teehee, I had the same feeling as Cindy :)

lisa said...

Sounds like you will be getting lots of branding practice in!

cheyenne jones said...

Seems to me your doing more than enough!!lol.

fernvalley01 said...

busy days ahead!