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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Eagles Nest?

So last week Neil said he thought he knew where an eagle or an owls nest is and he said its kinda in a coulee and he couldn't get there on his Bob but I could probly see it off a horse better.  So of course me and Jessie went out there and tried to find it.  We walked out of the yard heading North and out through the gate to the pasture where our hay and crop fields are.
 (for some reason I love this pic where the road splits)

 Past Neil working up my "outdoor arena" for the summer, also known as our summer fallow field.  We plow ours up once a month or so depending on weed growth rather than spray it cause we don't have a sprayer and we do have a cultivator.  Which works perfect for me cause then its nice soft dirt to ride in if I wanna.
(a 60 acre arena :)

Then on towards the dam that we walked across and it was supposedly down that coulee, but the dam was seeping so we stayed up top and there was no way I could see any nest in any big trees down there, so we just went a little further and wondered if I was imagining the directions, lol.  We walked all the way to the edge of the coulee, which Jessie didn't really like and I don't blame her I wasn't overly fond of riding that close to the edge but I just wanted to see if she would, its not so steep we couldn't go down, just much steeper than I ever care to go down.
(Jessie was pretty sure we were gonna have to walk through that GIANT lake, lol)

I came home and told Neil I never saw it and he said that was where is should be so then I was curious how I coulda have missed it if it was so big.  Well the next day I went basket stuffing at my neighbors and on the way home picked up Neil from a farther farm field and on the way back we stopped to have a look.  And its there all right but the tree/bush had leaved out so much the nest was pretty hard to see, but it sure does look big, Neil says at least 5 feet across!  Well I will have to go look this fall after the leaves fall off.  But while out there I also saw these 2 different kinds of wildflowers that are really pretty and have no idea what they are.

(the light spot is the nest, hard to see with all the leaves)

 ( pretty white flowers, kinda like a lily or crocus )

(tube like purple flowers with tiny leaves)

On the way home from that ride we made the tour around the farm field and came  into the yard from the East through the bull pasture.  I love doing that when i can make a circle and not come back the way I left.  I got a couple pics of our yard from out there but its not quite right cause there is a ridge out there so we look like we built in a hole but its not really.
 (our yard comin from the East)

(my baskets I stuffed just gotta wait for a non windy rainy day to hang them)


fernvalley01 said...

Looks like a lovely ride even if you and Jesse didn't find the nest. Sometimes it can be staring me right in the face and I will miss stuff. the baskets look pretty , no idea what the flower is , maybe Linda will know?

Shirley said...

The white flowers are really pretty. That nest looks like it's in a shrub, not a tree? I wouldn't think an eagle's nest, they nest really high, as do hawks.
Love ear cam pics!

Cindy D. said...

Wow, a 60 acre arena???
You seriously got it going on! I love the pictures of the ride, looks like a great place to ride.